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මනිපූර්-පොලීසියට එරෙහි කාන්තා අරගලය

මනිපූර්-පොලීසියට එරෙහි කාන්තා අරගලය


ශ්‍රේෂ්ඨ නිර්ධන පංති සංස්කෘතික විප්ලවයේ 50 වෙනි සංවත්සරය – මනිපූර් සැමරුම 2016 සැප්තැම්බර් 21

ශ්‍රේෂ්ඨ නිර්ධන පංති සංස්කෘතික විප්ලවයේ 50 වෙනි සංවත්සරය – මනිපූර් සැමරුම 2016 සැප්තැම්බර් 21


ගම්වැසියන් පුරෝගාමී නායක හිජාම් ඉරාබොට් සමරමින් – ඉම්පාල් ටයිමිස්

A report from War Zone of Manipur

From Com. Naganba Meitei ; [MAOIST_REVOLUTION]

A report from War Zone of Manipur

It is an act of cowardice to separate the people of Chandel district aside from other places of Manipur because of the ongoing Indian Military Operation. Chadel district is a very important and remarkable place for Maoist Communist Party Manipur from where its first vice-Chairman, comrade Ngamlet Baite hailed since the first establishment and embodiment of the party. Still this district is a place where our party committee has been prevailing in a complete and solid organizational form. The Indian Army has been endlessly continuing to jeopardize and frighten the innocent people in the areas of the district after the attacked against Indian Army carried out by some ethnic militant group. The act of Search and Destroy operation is still imposed, by using a group of armed black gang who are under the Suspension of Operation (SoO) with government of India on the pretext of ongoing peace-pact, in search of militants.

According to the information provided by the cadres of MCPM who are operating in the areas of Chandel report that the armed Black gang under SoO came on the lead followed by Indian Army behind. Mr. Minthang, a gang leader took the charge of first in command and Thangboi@Jacob as second in command while the Indian armies followed behind. Thus some of the individuals who are claimed or said to be talking peace-process under SoO are utilised as Human Robot by Indian Army in this so called Military Operation. Mr. Jacob@ Thangboi is the middle man to communicate with the Indian Forces and their Gang members as Indian Army does not understand and speak local dialect and he is the lone person who understands and speak Indian Language (Hindi).  These gang of reactionary led by Minthang and Jacob has pick them up from a camp which officially constructed by the Indian Government at Khamarol Village, hails at Chandel District. They are not allowed to use in so called Counter Insurgency operation of Indian Army as per the agreement under the Suspension of Operation (SoO) or Peace pact. The people of Chandel know well, clearly which members of gang party Mr. Minthang and Mr. Thangboi@Jacob belong to.

There are many party cadres and its units in different places in Chandel district of Manipur. There is no any point of hurt or wound or casualty on the part of the party members in there where military operation is undergoing. It is also an impossible thing on the part of Indian Army who afraid to approach on the lead the encounter to suppress and defeat the revolutionary parties of Manipur. There is not a single camp of MCPM in the territory of Burma (Myanmar).

The National Liberation Movement of Manipur cannot be ever suppressed or uprooted whenever and wherever the Manipuri’s exist on the earth. That the Indian Army who have joint and sent to earn monthly salary by the imperialist and Colonialist India will never be able to suppress the National Liberation Movements of Manipur. Without the slightest knowledge of what is happening in Manipur and without collecting any exact details of the Operation from the spot or nearby villages, some of the mainland Indian Media houses make the Indian armies turn into tigers. Nothing is to be considerable and convinced such hired propaganda. Such people and such activities are termed as “Reactionaries are the paper tigers” by Comrade Chairman Mao. Amid this, the most wonderment is that real situation are in front of the local journalists of Manipur, yet reports are copied or translated from concocted information’s which are published in mainland Indian media (National media, which are thousands of miles far from the Manipur) and re-printed in Manipur by Manipuri Media.

Even a single Manipuri journalist (media) including Mainland Media has not yet trodden and traced into any place where the Military Operation, which comprises of the gang party under SoO is on the lead and the Indian Army that follow behind the gang party, has affected. So the news and information which has been provided regarding the Military Operation in the media are all for none but to preserve the moral of the Indian Army. Thus the newspapers run in mainland India are all hiring of Indian Multi co-operation.

Unfortunately, the way of taking responsibility of the journalists of Manipur at this juncture in such crucial moment is contemptible that such deeds never existed in the history of Manipur. It is high time for the local journalists to ponder over their risk and responsibility in such a situation particularly Indian Military Operations and gross human rights violation by the State.

Essentially our communiqué is to extend so as to affirm the people of Manipur and the people of the world as well to know the very fake drama played and exercised by GOI since local media and occupied Indian media have not yet provided and published the true accounts of Military Operation conducted utilizing group of Black gangs under SoO.

Our Statement might not be published by any of the Indian media. Therefore, all the Maoist Party of the world is appealed to publish it throughout the world. The very message that the UNDERGOING MILITARY OPERATION CANNOT AFFECT THE REVOLUTIONARY MOVEMENTS OF MCPM is relayed and assured to the people of the world at large.


Strengthen the PCR-RCP Canada! Uphold the Red Flag in Canada! Yawolna Yaifare to PCR-RCP!

Strengthen the PCR-RCP Canada!
Uphold the Red Flag in Canada!
Yawolna Yaifare to PCR-RCP!

Dear Comrades,

We send our warmest revolutionary greetings and heartfelt YAWOLNA YAIFARE (Red Salute) to the PCR-RCP Canada in connection with its 9th anniversary. Maoist Communist Party Manipur is proud to have an opportunity to red salute to all the comrades of Genuine Maoist Party of Canada, PCR-RCP.

Canada is one of the imperialist countries and a member of “Group 8”—imperialist mechanism. It is also the largest imperialist country in terms of territory. Furthermore, Canadian imperialists are considered very close political, economic and military partners of American imperialists. Canadian Imperialist forces- it’s also a part of world biggest reactionary forces NATO, and under its command, has committed a mass murder of civilian population, killed thousands of women, men and children at different Countries. The Revolutionary Communist Party, a vanguard of Proletarian, in such a country is myriad victory for the entire revolutionary and proletarian of the World.

World Proletarian Revolution is inwards a vital period of struggle. Two forces are pitted against each other. On the one hand, the forces fighting for a new world; the revolutionary masses, their heroic struggles, their organizations, with the Maoist parties at the forefront guided by Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, on the other, the forces upholding the old order; reactionary forces; imperialism and its local lackeys, who suck the blood of the masses.

The Communist Party of India (Maoist) has advanced to striving for the day when the red flag of the victorious revolution will be hoisted. The masses in their millions are being mobilized and led into battle, well backed by the new political power in the revolutionary base areas covering nearly thirty per cent of the country. The two Maoist parties, CPI (Maoist) and the CPI (ML) (Naxalbari) have merged, thus strengthening the grounds for further advancing the People’s War already spread over a significant part of the country. This is an important event not only for the Maoist revolutionaries and masses in India or of this region but also for the entire movement. In Bangladesh, the Maoist parties are having difficulties but the possibility of Peoples war is in near future. In various countries of South Asia, the masses are stepping up their struggles against imperialist, globalization, comprador-bureaucratic bourgeois, semi-feudal ruling classes. Oppressed nationalities continue to fight for their right of self-determination in Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Nagaland and Tripura.

The Communist Party of Philippines (CPP) also advancing with tremendous victory and we hope the Victory of Filipino People is not far away. CPP has already a victorious party by winning the heart of the millions of Filipino people. The imperialists, particularly the US imperialists, have been increasing their stranglehold and military involvement in the internal affairs of Philippine. It’s a clear indication of the Victory of CPP. We feel warm to know that the New People’s Army is fighting such reactionary forces with enthusiasm. We are learning from the experience of such heroic struggle and generate courage from such victory of the people’s war around the globe. The growing and advancement of people’s War in India and Philippines have created favourable aspiration of Maoist Parties to fight in their respective countries.

The Revolutionary Communist Party Canada has rich political ideology of communist tradition and Maoist Communist Party Manipur is always learning from the rich knowledge of PCR-RCP Canada. The expansion and development of a revolutionary struggle in Canada led by the PCR-RCP would definitely be a victory of world proletarian movement. The ideological and political contribution of PCR-RCP Canada in the world proletarian Revolution is weighty. PCR-RCP Canada is the revolutionary fraternal party of Maoist Communist Party Manipur and the world proletarian revolution. We the Maoist Communist Party Manipur, the New Peoples Militia, the Revolutionary Mass Organizations and revolutionary people of Manipur, is sending our warmest revolutionary greetings and heartfelt YAWOLNA YAIFARE (Red Salute) to the PCR-RCP Canada in connection with its anniversary.

Long Live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!
Long Live Proletarian Internationalism!
Long Live Revolutionary Communist Party, Canada!
Yawolna Yaifare.

In Struggle,

International Department,
Maoist Communist Party Manipur.

Manipur – 18th Birth Anniversary Celebrations of Comrade Irabot in Delhi

Manipur – 18th Birth Anniversary Celebrations of Comrade Irabot in Delhi

People from different communities join the celebrations

NEFIS(North East Forum for International Solidarity) held the 118th birth anniversary celebrations of Comrade Irabot in History Department , Delhi University. Students, Activists and Intellectuals from various communities such as Naga, Meetei, Kuki and Bodo participated. The celebrations involved flowering tributes and a song written by Comrade Irabot was performed. The gathering stressed the need to reclaim the revolutionary legacy of Comrade Irabot from sectarian organizations and emphasized his views on International Solidarity for which he worked throughout his life. NEFIS emphasized that with the students and the oppressed masses of the North East facing the same problems such as deterioration of traditional communitarian living, encroachment of corporations in their land holdings, environmental degradation, racism and lack of good educational opportunities due to the spread of the capitalist market in these regions. It is time that they break away from the bureaucratic and community oriented organizations which seek patronage from the same mainstream parties which perpetuate inequalities so that they can come together and fight for their common demands thereby carrying forward the real legacy of Comrade Irabot instead of fighting amongst themselves.
Chinglen Khumukcham
Hem Chandra Brahma
North-East Forum for International Solidarity (NEFIS)
Contact: 7838983871 Email:

මනිපූර් – (UNLF) 49 වැනි සංවත්සරය

Download PDF AWTW-NOV18-Iran-Philipine

මනිපූර් – (UNLF) 49 වැනි සංවත්සරය
උපැටුම – මාඕවාදී මාවත සඟරාවෙනි : (MaoistRoad)

එක්සත් ජාතික විමුක්ති පෙරමුණේ (UNLF) 49 වැනි උපන්දිනය නිමිත්තෙන් ජනතාවට සුභපැතුම් පුද කරයි.


ඉම්ඵාල්, 2013 නොවැම්බර් 23: එක්සත් ජාතික විමුක්ති පෙරමුණේ (UNLF) 49 වැනි සංවත්සරය අවස්ථාවේදී මනිපූර් ජනතාවට සුභපැතුම් පුදකරමින්, අදාල සංවිධානයේ මධ්‍යම කාරක සභාව ‘ඉන්දියාවට සහ එහි ප‍්‍රතිගාමී පඹයන්ට එරෙහි විමුක්ති අරගලය’ තුළ ක‍්‍රියාකාරීව නියුතු වන ගිණිකොන ආසියාවේ සියළුම වාර්ගික කණ්ඩායම්වල සාමාජිකයින්ට ආරාධන කර තිබුණි. එහි වාර්ෂික ප‍්‍රකාශනය තුළ, මධ්‍යම කාරක සභාව ප‍්‍රකාශ කළේ මනිපූර් ජනතාව සිය වෙනස් වීමේ පූර්වගාමියෙකු සහ සිය ශක්තියේ උල්පත ලෙස වැළඳ ගන්නා බවයි.

ඉන්දියාව මනිපූර් බලහත්කාරයෙන් ඈ‍‍‍ඳා ‍‍ගැනීමත් සමග ඇතිවූ මනිපූර්-ඉන්දියා ඝට්ටනය දැන් එහි 64 වෙනි වසරට ඇතුල් වී ඇති අතර ඉන්දියාවට එරෙහිව UNLF මගින් දියත් කර ඇති සන්නද්ධ අරගලයට වසර 49 ක් වේ. වාර්ෂික ප‍්‍රකාශනය වැඩිදුරටත් උච්චාවචනයන් වෙනස් වීමේ ක‍්‍රියාව තුළ ස්වාභාවික අංගයක් බව ප‍්‍රකාශ කරන්නට යෙදුනි. මෑතදී සිදු වුන ප‍්‍රධාන වශයෙන්ම ඉන්දියානු ආරක්‍ෂක බල ඇණි වල සුපිරි බලය සහ ඔවුන්ගේ ප‍්‍රයෝගකාර කූට උපායන් මෙන්ම අත්වැරදීම් වෙනස් වීමේ ක‍්‍රියාවලිය තුළ පෙරමුණේ සිටින කණ්ඩායම්වල මෙහෙයුම් ක‍්‍රියාවලිය මන්දගාමී කළේය.


ඉන්දියානු මහජන යුද්ධයට මනිපූර්හි සහයෝගිතා පණිවුඩය

ඉන්දියානු මහජන යුද්ධයට මනිපූර්හි සහයෝගිතා පණිවුඩය

ඉන්දියාවේ මහජන යුද්ධයට සහයදීමේ ජාත්‍යන්තර සහයෝගිතා දිනය වෙනුවෙන්, අපි මනිපූර්හි පීඩිත ජනතාව වෙනුවෙන් මාඕවාදී ඉන්දියානු කොමියුනිස්ට් පක්‍ෂයට සහ එහි මහජන විමුක්ති ගරිල්ලා හමුදාවට අපේ සහයෝගිතාවයේ විප්ලවීය සුභ පැතුම් පිරිනමමු!

සහෝදර ෂරාඞ්
මාඕවාදී කොමියුනිස්ට් පක්‍ෂය මනිපූර්