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අතරුදහන් වූවන්ගේ පවුල්වල සාමාජිකයින් විසින් දියත් කළ විරෝධතාවයට දින 500ක්

අතරුදහන් වූවන්ගේ පවුල්වල සාමාජිකයින් විසින් දියත් කළ විරෝධතාවයට දින 500ක්

Vavuniya Families of the Disappeared take protest to Nallur ahead of 500th day

ශ‍්‍රී ලංකාවේ උතරු නැගෙනහිර යුද්ධයේ අවසාන හරියේදී උතුරේ පවුල්වල සාමාජිකයින් විසින් සිය පවුල්වල දේශපාලන ක‍්‍රියාධරයින් රජයේ හමුදාවට බාර දුන්හ. මෙසේ බාර කළ ප‍්‍රමාණය 12,000කට ආසන්න බව කියැවේ. යුද්ධය හමාර වී වසර 9ක් වී ඇතත් මෙලෙස බාර කළ පුද්ගලයින් පිළිබඳව කිසිදු තොරතරුක් තවම දැන ගන්නට නොමැත.

July 9, 2018
Vavuniya Families of the Disappeared take protest to Nallur ahead of 500th day

අතරුදහන් වූවන්ගේ පවුල්වල සාමාජිකයින් විසින් දියත් කළ විරෝධතාවයට දින 500ක් සැපිරෙන දිනයේ වවුනියාවේ සිට නල්ලූර් වලට විරෝධතාවය රැගෙන ගොස් තිබේ.


07Jul 2018

Families of the disappeared currently protesting in Vavuniya, took their struggle to Nallur today, staging a one-day hunger strike in front of the Jaffna temple.

අතුරුදන් වූවන්ගේ පවුල්වල සාමාජිකයින් විසින් වවුනියාවේ පැවැත් වූ විරෝධතාවය වවුනියාවේ සිට නල්ලූර් වලට ගෙන ගොස් ඇත. එසේම අද යාපනය කෝවිල ඉදිරිපට එක් දිනක මාරාන්තික උපවාසයක්ද සිදු කරන ලදි.

The Vavuniya protest reaches its 500th day tomorrow, Sunday. The protestors carried out special prayers at the Nallur Kovil, and also paid tribute to Thileepan at the nearby monument.

ඉරිදා දිනය වන විට වවුනියාව විරෝධතාවය දින 500 ඉක්මවා ඇත. විරෝධතාකරුවන් නල්ලූර් කෝවිල පරිශ‍්‍රයේදී, තිලීපන් සිහිකොට ගෞරව දැක්වුයේ ඒ ස්මාරකය ආසන්නයේදීය.



In Italy, from North to South, solidarity tour with the People’s War in India has started!

In Italy, from North to South, solidarity tour with the

People’s War in India has started!

Saturday, June 9, 2018


“Massacres and repression against Maoists and population by the hindu-fascist government at the service of imperialism”
“Proletarian and Internationalist Solidarity!”
“Solidarity Committee with Indian People’s War”
Freedom for Indian Political Prisoners
Solidarity with workers’ struggles in India
Stop “Green Hunt”

Palermo, proletarians in struggle supporting the Peopels’s War:

Source: ICSPW India

India – Varavara Rao Speaks Out: Expand The People’s War To Fight Brahmanical Hindu Fascism And Advance The New Democratic Revolution

India – Varavara Rao Speaks Out: Expand The People’s War To Fight Brahmanical Hindu Fascism And Advance The New Democratic Revolution

The killings of Mohammad Akhlaq, Prof. M M Kalburgi and Yakub Memon have come to symbolize in many ways the prevailing situation in the country under Modi-led BJP-rule. Akhlaq was bludgeoned to death at his Dadri home in September by a lynch mob that was instigated, mobilized and led by a bunch of Sanghi goons after maliciously spreading the rumour of beef-eating.

Prof. Kulbargi was shot dead by unidentified Hindutva-fascist assassins because of his consistent and irrepressible opposition to their designs in Karnataka. Memon was hanged this July in Nagpur jail after his conviction in the 1993 Mumbai blasts in a travesty of justice.
For the self-appointed gendarmes of the ‘Hindu Rashtra’, to eat something of one’s choice is anti-national, to voice dissent is anti-national, to be even the brother of a Muslim who is accused of so-called anti-national activities is anti-national – ‘crimes’ that are punishable by death according to the Manuvadi Hindutva-fascists.
Whether the execution is actually carried out judicially by the state or by any of the numerous murderous gangs raised by the hydra-headed RSS – it makes little different to the person at the receiving end.
These killings (and of Govind Phansade and Narendra Dabholkar earlier) are but a few of the more talked-about incidents in what has become an incessant barrage of attacks carried out in many forms by the Hindutva-fascists across the country.
Particularly since the BJP government came to power, such attacks are taking place almost on a daily basis. Though termed by some as ‘intolerance’, this is part of an all-round attack by the Brahmanical Hindu fascist forces against the people and affecting all spheres of their lives.
These attacks are simultaneously ideological, political, social, religious, ethnic, economic, cultural, juridical and environmental – carried out with violent and non-violent, legal and illegal, constitutional and extra-constitutional means.
On their target are all kinds of dissent and non submissiveness, particularly the fighting organizations and individuals – revolutionary, democratic, secular and patriotic – as well as Muslims and Christians, Dalits and Adivasis, women and people of other oppressed genders, oppressed nationalities and even sections of the parliamentary opposition.
In fact, anyone who refuses to fall in line with their Hindutva agenda or opposes their fascist diktats is a potential target. Indeed, at a time like this when the assault of he Hindutva-fascists is becoming increasingly conspicuous in all spheres of the society and the state, one cannot be faulted for wondering if a vast section of our people are already made to live in the shadows of a veritable ‘Hindu Rashtra’.
Hindu-fascism, even with its specificities, shares many characteristics of the fascisms that emerged in the capitalist countries during the economic, social and political crises period of the the1930s, the Great Depression and the interval between the two inter imperialist World Wars.
Like Italian fascism and German Nazism, Hindutva too is a phenomenon of the era of imperialism and proletarian revolution, emerging along right-wing or fascist parties, institutions, armed detachments and gangs in the capitalist imperialist countries with or without a parliamentary democratic cover. Fascism raised its head when at its highest stage, capitalism had entered a period of general crisis and socialism emerged as a real alternative before the world people with the victory of Bolshevik Revolution.
The role of Italian, German, Japanese and other fascist movements of that time was to address this existential threat faced by the imperialist ruling classes of their respective countries.
It was the political offensive of the bourgeoisie against the proletariat to come out of its severe economic and political crises. They pursued a domestic policy of open terrorist rule and a foreign policy of aggression and wars.
Domestically, the main enemy of the fascists was the organizations and movements of workers and toiling masses, revolutionary proletarian parties and organizations along with other democratic classes and national minorities, migrants, while internationally, its prime target was the socialist camp led by the Soviet Union along with the national liberation movements of the colonies and semi-colonies.
They waged counter-revolutionary wars against communist and democratic forces all over the world until revolutionary and national liberation wars finally consigned them to their graves.
But Hindutva – the ‘Made in India’ variety of fascism – not only escaped the fate of its European and Japanese contemporaries but has in fact thrived during the last hundred years of its existence. Hindutva fuses elements of India’s caste-feudalism (such as its reactionary Brahmanical ideology and deep-rooted notion of inborn superiority, etc.) with those modern bourgeois concepts (like the nation, Aryan Race theory of colonial-Orientalist scholars and their communal formulation of Indian history, and so on) that suit the interests of the Indian comprador ruling classes and the obsolete social institutions and forces.
It falsifies history to invent a glorious past of the ‘Hindu nation’, unmindful of the fact that neither a religious community called the ‘Hindu’ nor a nation called the ‘Indian’ existed prior to British conquest of the subcontinent.
The brainchild of the early Hindutva proponents is the neo-Brahmanical reactionary utopia of the ‘Hindu Rashtra’ (nation), which the Hindutva fascists project back as the country’s ‘glorious’ past and hold up as the ideal for the country’s glorious future.
They seek to impose this fascist ideology on both Hindus and non-Hindus and all social communities, sections and classes who do not agree with their communal conception of society and history.
While Muslims and Christians are seen as aliens to be either assimilated, kept in line or suppressed, the Sikhs, Buddhists, Dalits and Adivasis are considered to be already Hindus and are included in the ‘Hindu nation’ against their will.
The hierarchical, hegemonic and chauvinist Hindutva ideology, culture and values are imposed on all of them by suppressing, controlling or co-opting their diverse cultures, languages, beliefs and customs.
This fascist ideology of Hindutva is also reflected in the organizational structure of Hindu-fascist organization. RSS, Hindu Mahasabha etc. that were established in the early 1920s are highly authoritarian and allows no disagreement with the leaders.
The command of the Sarsanghchalak is the last word in RSS and is accepted without question. From its inception, Hindutva forces received support and patronage of the big landlords and the comprador big bourgeoisie as its reactionary ideology and authoritarian organizational structure was a useful tool for their economic and political interests.
They were also subservient to the British colonial rulers, calling upon the people to struggle for ‘national regeneration’ at a time when all the anti-colonial, democratic and patriotic forces were engaged in the independence struggle (Savarkar glorified colonialism by writing that “the glory of the British empire is great” (V D Savarkar, Hindutva, p.85, 166); Golwalkar expressed his disdain for national independence by terming it as “that haphazard bundle of political rights” (M S Golwalkar, We or Our Nationhood Defined, p.7).
True to their comprador character, Hindutva fascists continue to commemorate collaborators and traitors as heroes like Savarkar while denouncing genuine nationalists and patriots like Tipu Sultan.
Hindutva-fascist forces stand for conciliation of antagonistic classes to prevent the development of class consciousness among the toilers and an intensification of the organized class struggle.
For instance, RSS had written to PM Nehru way back in 1948, “Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh’s is the only way to meet the challenge of communism and its is the only ideology which can harmonize and integrate the interests of different groups and classes and thus successfully avoid any class-war” (Letter by RSS office-bearers to PM Nehru, published in Organizer, 23 October 1948). They make use of the traditional adaptability of Hinduism to social change by preserving, protecting and strengthening all its reactionary aspects in the service of the ruling classes – be it the colonial rulers or the Indian ruling elite subservient to imperialism which took their place.
They bolster the joint dictatorship of the big landlords big comprador capitalists by suppressing the democratic classes, whipping up communal and national chauvinism, persecuting religious minorities and oppressing minority nationalities, Dalits, Adivasis and women.
Ideologically, the metaphysical, idealist and subjective Hindutva world-outlook is a die-hard opponent of all forms of scientific, materialist, rational, objective and dialectical approach to understand and change the world – most of all the Marxist approach of scientific socialism and dialectical and historical materialism.
Ideological-political indoctrination, social demagogy, national and religious chauvinism, Goebbelsian propaganda, co=option and buying-out – i.e., all means fair and foul are part of their arsenal to win over one section of the broad masses and to terrorize others.
They fully utilize the gullibility, backwardness, ignorance and contradictions among the broad masses as well as the reactionary aspects in people’s culture and social values rooted in the country’s semi-colonial semi-feudal system.
They constantly engage in lies, deception, hypocrisy and subterfuge to manipulate public opinion and to hoodwink, mislead and divide the masses – often doing the opposite of what they say and saying in  complete contrast to what they do.
They use the products of modern science and technology to enslave the masses and achieve their reactionary social, economic, political and cultural goals.
Hindutva-fascism has adapted itself to the changing conditions and utilized all available forms to spread its most deceitful, deceptive and bloody tentacles. Contrary to its ideology and stated goals, it pledged itself to non-violent means, declared adherence to the Indian Constitution and presented itself as a mere cultural organisation (as did RSS after Gandhi’s assassination to get its ban revoked) – but it does not conform to them in practice.
Like its Nazi counterpart, it has utilized India’s parliamentary system to come to power in pursuit of its objectives.
From the formation of Bharatiya Jana Sangh in 1951 to the formation of first BJP government at the centre in 1997, Hindutva-fascism had gained ground in large parts of the country by working under cover of parliamentary politics. But as Ram Janmabhoomi agitation, Rath Yatra, demolition of Babri Masjid, the subsequent bloodbath of Muslims in many parts of the country, Gujarat pogrom and innumerable other large and small heinous acts show, they have used extra-parliamentary and violent terrorist methods for parliamentary ends.
They have achieved some significant success in their tactics largely because its parliamentary opposition – whether the Congress, revisionist CPI-CPI(M) or various regional parties – has proved ineffective in stopping the onward march of Hindutva-fascism.
In fact, these ruling-class parties themselves have many overt or covert Hindutva adherents within them and helped in the growth of Hindutva-fascism with their class collaboration and opportunist politics. Since the parliamentary elections of 2014, BJP has emerged as the largest, most powerful and most preferred all-India party of the big comprador bureaucratic capitalists and landlords subservient to imperialists by displacing the Congress from this position.
Like all fascisms of the past, the present growth of Hindutva-fascism has taken place amidst an acute crisis of the world capitalist system beginning in 2008 which has not shown any serious sign of recovery. Fascist trends of various hues are on the rise once again all over the world.
In India too, the old method of rule by the Congress-led UPA became inadequate for the Indian ruling classes in the present condition of crisis. Modi-led BJP was therefore catapulted to power in the last elections to carry out the agenda of neo-liberal ‘reforms’ more aggressively and ruthlessly – by fascist means if need be.
The BJP with its neo-fascist Hindutva ideology and a wide network of fascist organisations working in almost all fields and regions and among all social sections, was best suited for the job.
The ‘slow’ pace of the IMF-World Bank  neo-liberal reforms and or hold-ups in opening all sectors of the economy for foreign and Indian big capital has led the BJP and its NDA allies to steamroll a plethora of policy changes through parliamentary and extra-parliamentary means.
Displaying naked majoritarianism based on its absolute majority in the Lok Sabha, Modi-led BJP government is imposing these policies with the fascist argument that they have got the popular mandate to implement whatever programme and policy they like.
It is worth noting that the Fascists in Italy and the Nazis in Germany too had won majority seats in the parliamentary elections and used this brute majority to impose their policies. As the country’s economy sinks deeper into the abyss of recession and crisis, Hindutva-fascists led by Modi are taking desperate measures to satisfy their masters – the imperialists.
On the one hand, the big capitalists big and landlords are showered with enormous financial windfall through introduction of new pro-corporate laws and changes in the existing laws, tax cuts and tax holidays, loan waivers and debt restructuring, disinvestment, handing over government property at dirt-cheap rates and through numerous such legal and illegal means.
A number of existing laws related to the well-being and welfare of the people such as labour laws, laws entitling peasants to subsidy and compensation, pension, retirement-benefit and insurance regulations for the salaried classes, laws related to social security, health and education, etc. are being changed by the government by terming them as old and obsolete, while the age-old colonial laws used for suppressing the people are not only being retained but are bolstered with newer amendments.
Schemes like ‘skill development’ are introduced to prepare a few million unemployed as cheap semi skilled labour to meet the needs of the global capitalist economy and the Indian big capitalists.
The drama of debate is acted-out in the pigsty of parliament by the ruling parties and the opposition alike, but all anti-people bills and policies are ultimately passed with mutual understanding.
On the other hand, government expenditure on agriculture and manufacturing, social welfare and subsidies, education and health, water and housing, etc., are drastically curtailed in the name of fiscal discipline and austerity.
Economic and political rights won by the people – be it workers, peasants, working women, employees, salaried people and others from the middle classes through long and bitter struggles – are taken away step by step to serve the interests of the imperialists and the Indian ruling classes.
It is introducing a plethora of new policies that are having a bearing upon all spheres – economy, education, health, environment, social welfare and so on. Foreign investment which only tightens the noose of imperialism is presented by Modi government as the panacea for all the economic problems besetting the country.
While mouthing pious discourses on ‘Environmental Justice’, the government is proceeding to remove even the remaining namesake restrictions on environmentally sensitive zones to invite foreign investment and maximize the exploitation of natural resources.
By issuing indiscriminate clearance to mining, dams, highways, ports, housing, industries and such other projects and almost all kinds of services in such ecologically fragile regions, it is giving an open  invitation for unprecedented ecological destruction and pollution, not to speak of large scale displacement of the people. Unable to address the basic problems of the masses or fulfill the grand pre-election promises, Modi and his ministers are resorting to gimmicks and ‘perception management’.
Following the model of the Nazi ace-propagandist Joseph Goebbels, Modi government is making extensive use of print, electronic and digital media to slyly manipulate public opinion, to delude the masses with lies and deception and to hard-sell the pro-imperialist and pro-Hindutva agenda it is trying to implement.
The media is being controlled in covert and overt ways to monopolize the means of disseminating information. Phrases like ‘development’, ‘empowerment’ of the poor and the Dalits, Adivasis, women or other ‘weaker sections’, ‘Sadbhavana- Shanti-Suraksha’, ‘nation building’, ‘national interest’ and such phrases are relentlessly bombarded in a Goebbelsian manner.
Sangh Parivar organisations too are using mass media to hide the real face of Hindutva fascism, to shape public opinion in favour of its agenda and to turn illusions into reality. Hypocrisy in words and in practice is a hallmark of the Hindutva-fascists.
Parallel to this process is the gradual fascization of the state. Be it the bureaucracy, judiciary, armed forces, jails or any other wing of the state – the BJP government is staffing their top rungs with Hindutva adherents wherever possible.
The military, paramilitary and police forces are being further fascized during their training and service by the Hindutva fascists by using state power.
They are being indoctrinated with pseudo-patriotism and favourite Hindutva themes like unity and integrity of the country, national interest, War on Terror, etc.
In this way they are being brought closer to the Hindutva camp and ideologically prepared to ruthlessly crush the people and all forms of democratic movements in the name of defending the country and the nation, religion and faith, civilization and culture, etc.
Keeping the mask of Narendra Modi in the forefront, Sangh Parivar is trying to expand its social base by introducing a few populist social welfare programmes like ‘Beti Bachao-Beti Padhao’, ‘Jan Dhan Yojana’, ‘Swacch Bharat Abhiyan’, etc.
Like all fascist forces of the past, the NDA government and the Sangh are taking up some of these populist measures only to facilitate the heightened exploitation and repression of the toiling masses and the oppressed social groups without stirring up widespread resistance.
A renewed attempt is being made at saffronisation of education through measures like rewriting of school textbooks, changes in the syllabus, imposition of Sanskrit, Yoga and Hindu rituals in schools, and similar other measures. Modi government has stepped up its interference in the internal affairs of the universities and all other autonomous institutions with the aim of imposing the fundamentalist Hindutva agenda.
This is in addition to the intensification of the previous government’s policy of promoting privatisation of education. It is aggressively eulogising RSS figures like Savarkar, Shyama Prasad Mukherjee and Deen Dayal Upadhyaya etc. and systematically naming public landmarks like roads, public institutions, welfare schemes, etc. in conformity to their ideology. Such measures are making the pro-rich, pro-Hindu, pro-‘upper’ caste, male-bias of the state even more pronounced.
Muslims and their organizations are being targeted by the state in the name of fighting ‘Islamic terror’, while discrimination against religious minorities is becoming more menacing. While a free hand is given by the state to the offenders of the saffron camp including murderers involved in massacre of Muslims, stringent punishment including life term and death sentence are being handed out to the accused Muslims.
A large number of them are kept in long-term detention without trial. Hindutva fascists are holding up religious minorities as the enemies in front of the people to divert their growing frustration and anger into harmless channels. Similarly, Dalits, Adivasis, women, oppressed nationalities, rationalists, atheists, democrats, communists or even the parliamentary opposition – anyone who are in opposition to them – are being targeted. Anyone standing for genuine democracy, independence, sovereignty and self-reliance or militantly raising the basic democratic demands of the people is subjected to brutal violence using the state or saffron terror.
Thousands of such attacks have been carried out in the last one and a half years of Modi rule, and the number is on the rise. The growing incidents of so called intolerance all over the country too are an integral part of the Hindutva-fascist design.
Internationally, BJP government and the Hindutva fascists are pursuing a ‘big power’/‘super-power’ status for India by more closely collaborating with US imperialism and clamouring for a greater role in international affairs.
In their attempt to transform the country into a strong regional outpost of the US and other imperialist powers, NDA and RSS is a policy of drummed-up big-power chauvinism and expansionism in south-Asia.
They are howling chauvinist barbs against Pakistan and China and are clamouring to expand the fight against ‘Islamic Terror’ by aligning more closely with US-Israeli foreign policy.
Guided by the hegemonic idea of the Hindu Rashtra and Akhand Bharat, they are more aggressively following the expansionist policies of the previous governments, interfering in the internal affairs of the neighbouring countries like Nepal in scant respect for their sovereignty, thereby attracting the wrath of their people.
The all-out Hindutva-fascist attack therefore is becoming unbearable not only for the broad masses of India but also for the people of our neighbouring countries.
In spite of the similarities, however, Hindutva fascism is no Nazism of Hitler’s Germany or fascism of Mussolini’s Italy. The material basis of Hindutva fascism lay in the country’s social conditions and backward production relations.
These production relations principally serve the interests of feudalism and comprador bureaucratic capitalism which are strongly integrated with and depended on the imperialist monopoly capital and are subservient to it.
This results in the type of fascism peculiar to our country and any semi-colonial and semi-feudal countries – comprador-feudal fascism.
As a result, Hindutva-fascism is necessarily weaker and more unstable than its counterparts in capitalist countries. As Dimitrov pointed out, here there can be no question of seeing “the kind of fascism that we are accustomed to see in Germany, Italy and other capitalist countries” (Dimitrov, Seventh Congress of the Comintern, 1935).
Comprador-feudal fascism, by its very comprador nature, is unable to equal the fascism of imperialist countries.
In addition, the oppressive, discriminatory, hierarchical, unscientific, anti-people and reactionary Brahmanical ideology and the rotten Jati-Varna system associated with it has never gone unchallenged in the country.
It has faced unceasing ideological and political and other kinds of resistance including violent resistance from the oppressed and toiling masses from the time of its very inception. Whether Charvakas, Sankhyas and the Buddhists of the ancient times; Ravidas, Kabir and others of the middle ages or Jotiba Phule and Savitribai, Shahuji Maharaj, Dr. Ambedkar, Periyar and several others representing the Dalits, Adivasis, women and revolutionary-democratic forces of the modern period in their own ways took part in this unbroken history of resistance.
The people of the country, supported by the revolutionary and democratic people of the world, are now once again standing on the way of the neo-Brahmanical Hindutva-fascism.
It is not plausible, therefore, to establish the ‘Hindu Rashtra’ of their dreams which would require the transformation of the present semi fascist rule (with thinly-veiled fascist rule in some regions of the country such as parts of Dandakaranya, Bihar-Jharkhand, Jammu & Kashmir and the North East) to a complete and countrywide naked neo-fascist rule.
Indeed, the present unprecedented level of allround Hindutva-fascist attack is facing a broad resistance in the country. Protests against saffron terror and fascization of the state are going on, with more and more people coming out to join their voice.
The widespread indignation against the killing of Prof Kulbargi, Akhlaq and to a lesser extent the judicial murder of Yakub Memon carried forward this anti fascist movement.
Recently, hundreds of writers, artistes, academics, actors, journalists, film-makers and others from the literary, cultural and academic fields have returned government awards in an unparalleled protest against the attacks and growing threat of Hindutva-fascism.
Their opposition to the persecution of minorities, attack on the basic civil and democratic rights including freedom of expression and dissent and attempts to impose control and dictate have snowballed into a veritable avalanche of protest.
A large number of demonstrations, dharnas, meetings etc. are daily being organized across the country. The people of foreign countries too are expressing their condemnation of growing Hindutva-fascism in sharp contrast to the opportunistic whitewashing of the crimes of Modi and his cohorts by their governments.
The recent outburst of anger of the people fighting for Patidar reservation against hated state symbols like Police Stations has shown that even places like Gujarat which were once considered Hindutva strongholds are no longer safe due to the people’s growing frustration and anger. The people will surely make the Hindutva-fascists realize that they constitute only a small minority in the country representing the obsolete forces, the reactionary ruling classes and their henchmen.
The vast majority of the people of the country will neither subscribe to their reactionary ideology, nor will they take the forcible imposition of Hindu majoritarianism lying down. Sooner than later, BJP and the Sangh Parivar will realize that it is no fun to be the flunkeys of imperialism.
MIB unequivocally extends its revolutionary solidarity to all who are part of this common fight – revolutionary, democratic, patriotic and secular forces, workers and peasants, national and religious minorities, Dalits and Adivasis, urban poor and the urban middle class, national bourgeoisie, students, teachers and intellectuals, academics, historians, writers, artistes, actors, advocates, journalists, doctors, scientists, researchers, women, LGBT, differently-able, the old and the young and people from all walks of life who are standing up against Hindutva-fascist enslavement.
Taking inspiration from the experience of the international proletariat and the democratic forces in defeating fascism, we call upon all exploited and oppressed classes, communities, sections and groups to unite to become a mighty force against Brahmanical Hindu-fascism and to wage a protracted struggle to bury it once and for all.
With the understanding that fascism can be completely uprooted only in a revolutionary way and not by revisionist, reformist and parliamentary ways or through electoral ‘victories’ over the BJP, MIB appeals to you all to strengthen the ongoing armed agrarian revolutionary war led by the CPI(Maoist) to establish a genuinely democratic, independent, sovereign and self-reliant people’s republic which will be the real and final graveyard of Hindutva-fascism.

New Pictures Of Isaipriya Alive Emerge

May 18, 2014

From Colombo Telegraph

New Pictures Of Isaipriya Alive Emerge

New pictures of the LTTE media TV newsreader Isaipriya alive have emerged.The Sri Lanka Ministry of Defence claims 53 Division troops killed Isaipriya during the last battle. Her name is in the Ministry of Defence’s published list – “Identified LTTE leaders who were killed on 18 May 2009 by 53 Division troops“  – as “Lieutenant Colonel – Issei Piriya – Communications/Publicity Wing”.

Isaipriya was taken into army custody on May 18, 2009. First pictures of her dead body emerged. Then on June 22, 2012 , Colombo Telegraph published pictures and a video which show the LTTE media TV announcer Issapriya’s naked body lies with the hundreds of dead bodies, but this time her hands are untied. The security forces officer speaking in Sinhala language to a female says, “here, here, Voice of Tiger announcer.” (Watch at 2.56mins in the video).  When her dead body was photographed the first time , her hands were tied behind her back and allegedly raped. Exclusive – Warning Disturbing Images: Issapriya’s Naked Body With Tied And Untied Hands – Colombo Telegraph.The video clearly demonstrates a pattern of woeful consistency of the Sri Lankan forces.

They were killed

Isaipriya’s dead body and her hands are untied – to see click here

long live comrade N.SHANMUGATHASAN! -Memorial Meeting at Colombo

long live comrade N.SHANMUGATHASAN!
 long live marxism-leninism-maoism!
 maoist road


february 2018
Chaired by: Comrade W.Somarathna
President, Ceylon Communist Unity Centre
  • SHARING OF MEMORIES OF Comrade N.Shanmugathasan
Comrade V. Thanabalasingham (Media Consultant)
Comrade Chandana Bodeju
Comrade S. Vijayakumar
Comrade E.Thambiah
General Secretary, Ceylon Communist Unity Centre
Comrade Nelson Mohanraj
Ceylon Communist Unity Centre
DATE: 25/02/2018

Down with the shameful betrayal and surrender of Jinugu Narasinha Reddy – CC PCI (Maoist)

Down with the shameful betrayal and surrender of Jinugu Narasinha Reddy – CC PCI (Maoist)

Press Release Full Text

Down with the shameful betrayal and surrender of Jinugu Narasinha Reddy!
Long live the revolutionary tradition of uncompromising struggle and selfless sacrifice!
The revolution will surge forward sweeping aside all kinds of much on its path!
Jinugu Narasimha Reddy(Jhampanna, Rajesh), a member of the Central Committee(CC) of our party, has surrendered before the enemy. He had already lost confidence in the invincibility of the proletarian ideology, the Maoist party, the Protracted People’s War, the revolutionary movement and the oppressed masses. Unable to face the new and difficult conditions of class struggle brought by objectives changes and the enemy’s intensifying all-round offensive, he chose the most selfish, heinous and cowardly path of desertion and shamelessly knelt down before the enemy. This is an outright betrayal of the Indian proletarist, its vanguard Party, the Indian revolution and the heroic struggle of the country’s toiling masses. It is an affront on the sacrifice of thousands of revolutionary martyrs who have selflessly laid down their lives fighting the same class enemy whom Rajesh has now so shameleslly embraced. With this, his three decades of political life in the revolutinary movement has come to an ignominious end. Our CC condemns his betrayal in strongest terms and appeals to the rank and file of Party, the entire revolutionary camp, the vast struggling masses and the friends of the Indian revolution to reject outright such renegades and their abominable path of surrender. Undeterred by the degenaration and fall of Narasimha Reddy, our CC firmly and unambiguously renews its pledge to resolutely carry forward the greed red banner of class struggle in pursuance of our Party’s immediate and ultimate aims.

Narasimha Reddy had joined the movement in the early 1980s, when he was working in factory as a technician in Hyderabad city. He later became a professional revolutionary and was sent by the Party to work as a guerilla squad member in Eturunagaram forest area of Warangal district. Subsequently, he developed to a squad commander, Area committee Member, District Committee member and District Committee Secretary in the period between 1986 and 1995. North Telangana Special Zonal Committee(NTSZC) was formed in 1995 with a plan to develop the guerillla war to a higher level in that zone. He was elected to the NTSZC in its first conference held that year. In 2000, he became the Secretary of NTSZC and continued to work in this capacity till 2007. He was elected to the CC in 2001 and worked as a CCM in North Telangana between 2001 and 2007. He was co-opted to CMC in 2007 and worked in North Telangana and some other parts of the Central Region. He was transferred to Odisha in 2011 where he continued to work till the end of 2016. For the last one year he was deeply submerged in ideoligical and political vacillation and finally informed the concerned CCMs in November 2017 about his decision to surrender.

It is true that Narsimha Reddy had particpated in the revoltionary movement for a relatively long period of over three decades and developed politically to become a member of its highest leading committee, the CC, contributing to the movement in the process. But at the same time, he also had several serious weaknesses, limitations and non-proletarian trends like individualism, bureaucracy and false prestige that continued throughout his political life.

Comrades who worked with him in the guerillla squad and the Party committees or the leadership comrades continuously struggled against these negative aspects of his all this time. The concerned committees put efforts at every step to rectify him and he too accepted many of the
criticism in one way or another. But his weaknesses, mistakes and limitations had persisted. Particularly in the last few years, these negative aspects got magnified and finally became dominant under the present difficult condition of the Party and the movement. The terror of the enemy had so overtaken him that he could no longer fulfil the tasks given to him by Party. He refused to attend important meetings with the excuse of probable enemy attacks even though other comrades in a similar situation shared such unfounded apprehension. Apart from comrades in highet committees, his protection comrades too criticised his panicky behaviour and defeatism. The prevailing conditions and enemy’s serious offensive demand that the leadership comrades of the Party at the high level remain firm and confident in the battlefield and courageously safeguard themselves as an inseperble part of safeguarding the Party, PLGA and the movement.
This has to be done in all spheres of revolutionary work including in the military sphere. But as a CCM, Narasimha Reddy failed to live up to the higher level of responsibilities and tasks given him by the Party displaying heightened political consciousness, preparedness, courage, discipline, selfless sacrifice, self-critical attitude and other leadership qualities.
Our CC reviewed Narasimha Reddy’s work in view of his persistent weakness and limitations that had reached a serious level. The CC concluded that he was seriously bogged down by subjectivesm, resulting in his overestimation of the enemy and underestimation of the revolutionary movement and the people. He had lost his bearing and sense of proportion, became incapable of analysing the objective situation as a member of the Party’s leading committee, repeatedly followed wrong organisational method and utterly failed to fulfil important responsibilties he was entrusted with. This was in addition to his long-standing weakness of imposing his subjective and individualistic thinking on Party committees. It had become a habit for him to bring up disputes and illogical debates on individual problems in a sectarian and arbitrary way, violating democratic centralism and proletarian discipine. Sometimes he created deadlock in the functioning of the concerned Party committee and threatened to boycott some meetings when criticised by other comrades. Due to his anti-organisational behaviour and functioning, he gradually lost the confidence of his comrades and became isolated. All these wrong traits were criticised by the comrades of the concerned Party committees on several occasions with the aim of helping him rectify his mistakes and weaknesses on the basis of unity-struggle-unity. But he failed to recognise the gravity of his negative aspects, stubbornly refused to take a self-critical attitude, failed to remould his world outlook in the light of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. This not only led to his downfall but also caused much damage to the Party.
Taking all this into consideration, our CC decided to suspend Narasimha Reddy from the CC for two years earlier this year with hope that he would acknowledge his mistakes and weaknesses and seriously put efforts to rectify with the help of his comrades. However, he neither accepted this decision positively nor did he undertake any self-criticsm at all. He also refused to take up responsibility of a State Committee Member the CC had assigned him. Overcome by petty-bourgeois false prestige and selfish narrow-mindedness, he refused to submit to the Party’s decision, declined to struggle against the non-proletarian traits present in him and failed to remould himself into a thoroughgoing communist revolutionary. Rather than humbly serving the revolution and the people with bowed head, he deemed it better to surrender and survive as a dirty creature at the service of enemy. In this way, the transformation of a revolutionary into an unrepentant and diehard betrayer and scoundral was complete.

Whenever CC had taken the suspension decision on him, he had raised the political differences with partl line. He was discussed that “Now India is not semi feudal – semi colonial country, it is transformed into capitalist country”. Thus our party line should change according to conditions and party would take insurrection line in Indian latest conditions. These political differences are nothing but, cover up his degeneration.

All revolutions pass through twists turns, ups and downs and diffcult situations. It is only by boldly tiding over such challenges that a proletarian party gets steeled and acquires the capability to lead the revolution to victory. In periods like this, it becomes all the more necessary for all communists – particularly those who join the Communist Party from non-proletarian classes – to deepen their ideological and political understanding, to remould themselves by adopting the proletarian world outlook and to firmly stick to it. They need to more resolutely apply the principle democratic centralism, abide by the iron discipline of the Pary, more closely integrate with the comrades and the people, learn from practices, rectify their mistakes, fight self, serve the people selflessly and stand at forefront of struggle so as to remain a committed revoltunionary till the very end. But there are always those who fail in such testing times. History shows that it is quite common for a handful of individuals who do not remould themselves and who are not prepared for sacrifice to distance themselves from the movement at such crucial junctures, giving foremost priority to their own survival. They desert the revolutionary camp and at times become counter-revolutionaries serving the enemy. Narasimha Reddy presents a glaring negative example of a revolutionary who stopped integrating with the cadres and the masses, stopped struggling against his weaknesses and became overawed by the enemy. Panic-stricken, they pathetically prostrate before the class enemy and thereby end their usefulness for the people with their own hands. The revolution will discard such people as waste material and throw them out from time to time in the process of class struggle.

It should not be surprising if such despicable individuals start singing in the tune of the enemy and cast aspersions on the Party, its leadership, the revolutionary movement and the future of the Indian revolution. Propped up by the enemy, they may appear before the people in new avatars as (pseudo) ‘intellectuals’, ‘journalists’, ‘social workers’, etc. with sole aim of harming the Party and the revolution. Our comrades, friends and well-wishers of the Indian revolution should remain alert to such eventualities and give befitting response to them. Knowing them to be a part of the enemy’s Goebbelsian propoganda machine, the class-conscious toiling masses should throw the claptrap of such traitors into the scrapheap.

In total contrast to the traitors and renegades, every proletarian revolution brings forward uncompromising communist fighters who serve the masses till the last breath. Indian revolution too is no exception, which inherits a long and glorious tradition of selfless sacrifice by thousands of heroic martyrs. Among them are our beloved great leaders and cadres like comrades CM and KC, Saroj Dutta, Sushital Roy Choudhuri, Amulya Sen, Chandrashekhar Das, Krishnamurthy, Satyam, Kailasham, Appu, Varghese, Biswakarma, Balan, Dinakar, Shyam, Mahesh, Murali, Karam Singh, Parimal Sen, Sande Rajamouli, Vadkapur Chandramouli, Anuradha Ghandy, Patel Sudhakar, Cherukuri Rajkumar, Mallujhola Koteswarlu, Rawoof, Sushil Roy, Sridhar Srinivasan, Kuppu Devaraj, Narayan Sanyal, Padma, Lalithakka, Urmila, Rajitha, Ajitha, Saketh Rajan, Maimuddin, Ashish Yadav, Prasad, Daya, Prabhakar, Mangtu, Shaheeda, RK, Yadanna, Madhav, Mahendar, Mastan Rao, Puli Anjanna, Kanchan, Sashadhar Mahato, Janardhan, Bhumaiyya-Kista Gaud and thousands of other martyred comrades, to name a just a few, who remained true to their commitment to the revolution and the people till the very end. They are the real heroes of the masses who show us the way.

The desertion, betrayal and the treachery of a few renegades in the pay-role of the reactionary ruling classes can never stop the revolution! They may only create some temporary hurdles and inflicit some temporary damage, but the revolution will sweep all such pests into their graves and surge forward towards its goal. Led by the proletarian revolutionaries and inspired by the heroic martyrs, millions upon millions of the oppressed masses of the country will throw them away along with their masters into the dustbin of history and achieve final victory.

Central Committee
CPI (Maoist)

On the pass away on Com. Pierre

On the pass away on Com. Pierre

Dear comrades,
We express our deep sympathy on the pass away of the com Pierre. He is a revolutionary communist and tried to uphold communism and internationalism in the work with France and Europe. On this difficult movement of the international communist movement we have bereaved experienced fighter who stand for support to the people’s war in India and other countries, as well as support to the build and develop the communist movement in other countries. In this moment there is no doubt his pass away is greater loss for French and international comrades. We express our deep grief to the French comrades and expect they will live the memory and work of our fallen comrade in his life struggle. We expect comrades carry out his flag to achieve ultimate goal of the communist world. Let’s learn from his journey and his internationalist spirit.
Long Live memory of comrade Pierre!
Long live revolutionary internationalism!
Maoist Revolutionary League (MRL)
Sri Lanka

International Messages on death of Com. Pierre

TKP/ML pour Pierre

 Pierre a sacrifié chaque instant de sa vie de 81 ans dans la lutte des classes, son nom est reconnu avec insistances dans la lutte communiste et revolutionnaire. Pierre est immortel! Sa lutte et sa mémoire vivront dans la lutte international du proletariat! 

TKP/ML.(Partie communiste de Turquie/ marxiste leniniste) 

Tr: 81 Yıllık yaşamının her anını sınıf mücadelesine adamış, devrim ve komünizm mücadelesinin ısrarlı ismi, pierre ölümsüzdür. mücadelesi ve anısı enternasyonalist proleterya mücadelesinde yaşayacaktır. TKP/ML



Revolutionary Red Salute to Comrade Pierre from Ceylon Communist Unity Centre (Sri Lanka)


from Manipur and India for Pierre
Revolutionary glory be to Comrade Pierre!




Comrade Pierre – indelibly in the hearts and struggles of the revolutionary masses! Revolutionary Assembly – Austria


Comrade Pierre died on the 4th of December in old age. His death left sorrow and is a great bereavement – but Comrade Pierre left great experiences and achievements, branded into the hearts of all who have struggled by his side.

Comrade Pierre is a great example of what it means to give his life to serve the revolution, always ready to serve the new, the proletarian way. As a main founding-member of the Maoist Communist Party, Pierre was a combatant and precursor of Maoism in France.

Pierres direct heritage is mirrored today in the militancy of the comrades of the Maoist Communist Party, who are well prepared for the upcoming struggles, through his consequent attitude, his enormous theoretical and practical experience!

Comrade Pierre was a tireless combatant against imperialism and fascism, always having great trust into the masses. He had shown how important it is to overcome difficulties, based on the masses and with trust in your own power. Pierres death, as Mao said, weighs heavier than the Tai mountain, because he left great combatants, which were forged under his leadership!

Comrade Pierre also was a great combatant for the proletarian internationalism, which for example is shown in his work to support the people’s war in India. Austrian revolutionaries got to know him as a Comrade, who always was putting effort to establish and to maintain international contacts and who especially supported the youth, the new Generation.

Our condolence applies to all comrades who have struggled by his side – knowing assuredly, that in the militancy of Comrade Pierre they will continue his way, making great efforts to serve the world proletarian revolution!


Our Red Salutes on the life of Comrade Pierre!

Long live the Maoist Communist Party of France!

Revolutionary Assembly – Austria

9th of December, 2017


Fransız Komünist Partisi Başkanı, Pier Yoldaş, Komünarların yanına sonsuzluğa uğurlandı

Paris (08-12-2017) Geçtiğimiz günlerde, 81 yaşına rağmen durmak nedir bilmediği, günlük politik çalışma içinde, yıllardır her eylemde orda olduğu Paris Republiq Meydanından metroya inerken, geçirdiği talihsiz bir kaza sonucu hayatını kaybeden FKP(Maoist) in başkanı Pier Yoldaş, bugün 8 Aralık Cuma günü, Komünarların mezarlığı Pere Lachais da, Cretaryumda bedeni yakılarak sonsuzluğa uğurlandı.
Saat 10 h 00 da başlayan törene, FCP (Maoist) bayrağı altında, kızıl bayrağa sarılı Pier yoldaşın tabutu başında yoldaşları ve onu son yolculuğunda yalnız bırakmayan çeşitli devrimci parti ve örgütler adına konuşmalar yapıldı.
FCF( Maoist), MKP, TKP/ML adına yapılan konuşmalarda ve hazırlanan metinlerde Pier yoldaşın çizgiye bağlı mütevazı devrimci kişiliği ve kişisel devrimci özelliklerinin altı çizildi.
Fransız ve göçmen dernek, sendikalar adına yapılan konuşmalarda da, onun dayanışmacı yoldaşca ictenligine vurgu yapıldı.
Pier yoldaş, Enternasyonel Marşın okumasının ardindan, son yolculuğuna uğurlandı.
Katılımcı kitle ise, kızıl bayraklar eşliğinde, marşlar söyleyerek, komüncüler anıtına yürüdü.
Yürüyüş boyunca ” Başkan Pier yaşasın, ” Marks, Engels, Lenin Yaşasın” sloganları atıldı.
Tören kömüncüler anıtında sona erdi.

Luminoso Futuro: Nota de condolencia por Pierre


Sabida la dolorosa noticia del fallecimiento del camarada Pierre, miembro fundador y militante  de primera línea del Partido Comunista Maoísta de Francia, sumamos nuestra voz de condolencia a los camaradas  y  al proletariado francés por tan trágico suceso.

El camarada Pierre en la noche del viernes 1 de diciembre, del corriente, ha sufrido un accidente al resbalar por una escalera del Metro, en París, que le ha ocasionado muy graves lesiones en la cabeza y la espina dorsal. Hospitalizado de urgencia, dos días después, domingo, según parte médica su cerebro ha cesado toda actividad. Por lo que, ya para en la mañana, del lunes 4 de diciembre, ha sido desconectado de todo soporte vital y declarado muerto.  Él en ese momento tenía 81 años de edad.

El camarada Pierre, por largo tiempo, ha sido un combatiente de primera línea en los combates por la defensa de los intereses particulares y generales del proletariado francés y en la defensa de la integralidad del Maoísmo, como nueva y superior etapa del desarrollo del Marxismo-Leninismo. Por su firmeza en los principios normativos y su consagración a la causa de la clase obrera francesa y mundial se ha ganado el cariño y respeto revolucionario de sus camaradas y de todo el Movimiento Comunista Maoísta Internacional. Los cuales, hoy, enlutan sus rojas banderas. Su desaparición deja un vacío en las filas de su Partido y del MCMI difícil de colmar.

El camarada Pierre ha sido enterrado hoy, en el histórico cementerio de Pere Lachaise, junto a sus camaradas los heroicos Comuneros de París de 1871. En acto de su despedida se han hecho presente muchos combatientes proletarios, los que han renovado su compromiso de seguir la senda trazada por el camarada Pierre y de no descansar hasta no ver triunfantes su ideales comunistas en Francia y en el Mundo.

Nosotros, comunistas (marxistas-leninistas-Pensamiento de Mao Tse-tung) de Panamá, con el corazón dolorido y el puño levantado, desde acá, le rendimos pleitesía a su memoria y a sus luchas. Extendiendo nuestra condolencia a los camaradas maoístas franceses, así como a sus familiares y cercanos amigos, nos atrevemos sugerirles que muy pronto consigan convertir el dolor en fuerza revolucionaria.

Descansa en paz tú ahora, camarada Pierre, tus esfuerzos y sacrificios no han sido en vano, en tús continuadores vivirá tu lucha por la libertad y el comunismo.


por Pierre – Ecuador Comunicado del PCE-Puka Inti

 con motivo del fallecimiento del Camarada Pierre.


 EL PARTIDO COMUNISTA DEL ECUADOR-SOL ROJO se solidariza con el proletariado- pueblo oprimido de Francia y con el proletariado internacional ante el sensible fallecimiento del camarada Pierre.
El proletariado, campesinado pobre y demás masas explotadas del Ecuador, reconocen la brega del camarada Pierre por imponer el marxismo-leninismo-maoísmo en Francia, la construcción del partido de nuevo tipo, su irrestricto apoyo a la Guerra Popular en el Perú y la defensa del Presidente Gonzalo como algunas de las tantas expresiones de su vida como rojo luchador, síntesis de su cualidad como comunista.
Sin lugar a dudas el Movimiento Comunista Internacional ha perdido a un gran combatiente por el comunismo. Su aporte al proletariado internacional y pueblos oprimidos del mundo nutre la certeza que tenemos de que con comunistas de esta estirpe, la revolución proletaria mundial es una realidad en curso.

for Pierre – new hommage from Tunisia

The maoist communist movement in France and in the world lost the 1st December 2017 one of its leaders, who is the comarade Pierre , at age of 80, a member of the leading body of the french Communist maoist Party. Comrade Pierre was proletarian, he knew the communism in the uprising of may 1968 and held since the beginning the revolutionary maoist theory. He was known of his determinated activity with the proletarians, farmers, youth and women, also defending the rights of workers in and outside France. He supported the masses in the creative implementation of the logo “like a fish in the water”. He had a remarkable influence on the reconstruction of the international communist movement and tide its relationship with the maoist communist parties and organizations all over the world . Pierre, was always full of confidence about the future and did never bow during a half-century of fighting the revisionist currents that affected the international communist movement. And today , here we are saying goodbye but his memory will stay alive pushing the maoist militants in France and in other countries towards the revolution.


por Pierre – BRASIL: Carta del Partido Comunista do Brasil – Fração Vermelha


Proletários de todos os países, uni-vos!

Honra e glória ao camarada Pierre! Viva o Partido Comunista Maoísta – França!

Ao Partido Comunista Maoísta – França

O Partido Comunista do Brasil – Fração Vermelha, se dirige ao Partido Comunista Maoísta – França, para expressar suas mais profundas condolências pela morte do camarada Pierre.

O camarada Pierre, um dos fundadores do Partido Comunista Maoísta, dedicou toda sua vida de maneira incansável a causa do comunismo. Ao longo de seus mais de 80 anos, tomou parte ativa na luta de classes sempre ao lado das massas exploradas e oprimidas, lutando ombro a ombro com o proletariado de seu pais e do mundo pela Revolução Proletária Mundial.

O camarada Pierre lutou por décadas ao lado do proletariado francês contra o oportunismo e a reação para constituir um verdadeiro partido comunista neste país, e realizar a revolução socialista. Com este objetivo foi conformado o PCM – França, partido que em meio a luta contra oportunismo e em defesa da violência revolucionária tem se colocado a frente das principais lutas do proletariado e massas, tal como a luta na Revolta dos Banlieus, a greve geral contra a reforma trabalhista de 2015, e as jornadas de luta de julho contra o G20, em Hamburgo na Alemanha, quando o PCM esteve nas primeiras filas junto aos revolucionários alemães, lutando contra a cúpula imperialista.

O camarada Pierre se colocou ao lado da luta dos povos do mundo pela revolução democrática e de libertação nacional, apoiando decididamente as Guerras Populares na Índia, Peru e Filipinas,

O camarada Pierre e o PCM, lutou decididamente pela unidade dos comunistas no mundo participando de reuniões e atividades internacionais tais como a Segunda Reunião de Partidos e organizações mlm da Europa, a campanha pelo apoio a Guerra Popular na Índia, e em defesa da vida do Presidente Gonzalo, publicando recentemente o importante documento “Defender o presidente gonzalo é defender o maoísmo”.

Nós, comunistas do Brasil, que lutamos pela reconstituição do Partido Comunista em nosso pais, erguemos nossas bandeiras vermelhas ante a memória do camarada Pierre, e enviamos nossas sentidas condolências a seus camaradas de luta e familiares. Contudo estamos seguros, que as jovens gerações de comunistas forjados na luta contra o revisionismo e na violência revolucionária, sob o guia do maoísmo saberão levar adiante a bandeira pela qual o camarada Pierre lutou e elevá-la aos mais altos cumes, ao assalto aos céus, com Guerra Popular até o comunismo.

Honra e glória ao camarada Pierre!

Viva o Partido Comunista Maoista – França!

Viva o marxismo leninismo maoísmo!

Viva a Guerra Popular!

Partido Comunista do Brasil – Fração Vermelha

Dezembro de 2017



Paris – Beaucoup de camarades ont répondu présent pour accompagner le camarade Pierre vers sa dernière demeure.

Beaucoup de camarades ont répondu présent pour accompagner le camarade Pierre vers sa dernière demeure.
Merci à toutes les personnes présentes. Un hommage public devrait également être organisé et sera annoncé.
L'immagine può contenere: una o più persone, persone in piedi, folla e spazio all'aperto

Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan for Pierre

To:  Communist Maoist Party of France

Dear comrades!

We have been informed that comrade Pierre one of your party leadership members passed away in the age of 81. On behalf of his passing away, Communist (Moist) Party of Afghanistan and masses under party leadership in national –new democratic organizations send its condolence and sorrows to Communist Moist Party of France and all his friends and comrades and his life partner.

Comrade Pierre was the founder and the main character of communist Maoist party of France. His passing away was not only a big missing for your party but also for international Maoist movement. Therefore, his memories will remain constant for France Moist struggle movement and international Moist movement and all MLM parties in deferent countries including Afghanistan Moist struggle movement and Communist (Moist) Party of Afghanistan and revolutionary, combatant masses.

Once again please accept and share our deep condolence and sorrows to all comrades, friends and his wife.

Let’s keep alive comrade Pierre ‘s memories  and follow his path     

Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan  

December 8, 2017

for Pierre – Today is enterred in Pere Lachaise – the cimiter of Commune’s heroes – Maoist road is founded by PCm Italy – Galicia’s comrades and for the PCM France by comrade Pierre! For this, Pierre lives in all this internationalist work for a new communist international!


En días pasados hemos recibido la noticia acerca del fallecimiento del camarada Pierre, quien fuera un viejo y probado dirigente proletario, fundador del Partido Comunista maoísta de Francia.

La pérdida de este camarada sin duda pesa sobre su Partido y sobre el conjunto de partidos y organizaciones del Movimiento Comunista Internacional, quienes abrazamos el marxismo-leninismo-maoísmo como la tercera y superior etapa del marxismo para impulsar las revoluciones proletarias en los países imperialistas y desarrollados, y las revoluciones de nueva democracia en los países oprimidos y las semi-colonias, todo como parte de la ruta para la construcción del Socialismo en cada país y del Comunismo internacional.

“Morir por los intereses del pueblo tiene más peso que el monte Taishan” nos dijo el Presidente Mao Tse Tung, y la labor del camarada Pierre, descrita por el PCmF da cuenta que la vida y obra de un militante comunista y de un jefe del proletariado, cuando son entregadas con amor a la clase obrera y el pueblo trabajador, tienen demasiado peso histórico que las nuevas generaciones de comunistas de Francia sabrán aquilatar para garantizar el triunfo de la revolución proletaria en su país con guerra popular hasta el comunismo.

Externamos nuestras condolencias al PCmF y la familia del camarada Pierre. Nos solidarizamos con el proletariado y las masas populares de Francia que han perdido físicamente a uno de sus más queridos jefes. Enviamos un cálido saludo rojo y revolucionario a los camaradas que retoman y alzan la bandera de la construcción del Partido de Vanguardia del proletariado francés que el camarada Pierre supo llevar a delante con la construcción del PCmF.

¡Honor y gloria al camarada Pierre!

¡Viva el Partido Comunista maoísta de Francia!

 ¡Servir al pueblo de todo corazón!

¡Proletarios y pueblos oprimidos de todo el mundo, uníos!



In Gedenken an Genossen Pierre – Internationalistisches Kollektiv Berlin Kollektiv Rotes Hamburg

Am Morgen des 4. Dezember starb Genosse Pierre nach einem Unfall in der Pariser Metro am 2. Dezember. Genosse Pierre war Mitgründer und ein wichtiger Genosse der Maoistischen Kommunistischen Partei Frankreichs (PCM).
Die Genossen der PCM, die dieses Jahr Seite an Seite mit den Genossen aus der BRD, Österreich, Schweden und anderen Ländern bei den Kämpfen gegen die G20 gekämpft haben, haben mit diesem Tod einen schweren Verlust erlitten. Unsere volle Anteilnahme gilt den Genossen, von denen wir ausgehen, dass sie nur noch entschlossener und härter kämpfen werden, wie sie es auch selbst in ihrer Erklärung schreiben: „Dank dem was er an die jüngeren Generationen weitergegeben hat, haben wir Hoffnung, Stärke, Entschlossenheit gewonnen und ein Beispiel dafür, was es heißt, ein authentischer kommunistischer Führer zu sein, ein maoistischer Führer: niemals loszulassen, immer auf der Seite des Volkes und der Arbeiterklasse, unter den Massen wie ein Fisch im Wasser zu sein, immer danach strebend sich zu verbessern indem man weiß wie man immer wieder zur Sache zurückkehrt wenn notwendig, fest in den Prinzipien zu sein.“
Die Genossen schreiben über Genossen Pierre: „Sein revolutionäres Engagement war konsistent, voll und umfänglich.“, wo sie auch hervorheben, dass er an Streiks teilnahm, Kämpfe von migrantischen Arbeitern unterstützte und auch „nachts durch das Viertel ging, um die alltäglichen Probleme der Nachbarn zu kennen – er war da, immer da, unermüdlich, unverdrossen.“
Der Vorsitzende Mao Tse-Tung schreibt hierzu „Wir Kommunisten müssen imstande sein, uns in allen Dingen mit den Massen zu verbinden. Wenn unsere Parteimitglieder das ganze Leben hindurch in ihren vier Wänden hocken und nicht hinausgehen, um sich einmal den Sturmwind um die Ohren pfeifen zu lassen und zu erfahren, wie es in der Welt zugeht – welchen Nutzen bringen sie dann eigentlich dem chinesischen Volk? Gar keinen, und wir brauchen solche Menschen nicht in unserer Partei. Wir Kommunisten müssen uns Stürme um die Ohren pfeifen lassen, müssen kennenlernen, wie es draußen in der Welt aussieht; diese Stürme, das sind die gewaltigen Stürme der Massenkämpfe, und diese Welt, das ist die große Welt des Kampfes der Massen.“
Wir stehen an der Seite unserer Genossen in Frankreich und senden unsere Anteilnahme.

New Epoch – FRANCE – Our warmest Red Salute on Comrade Pierre!

December 7, 2017
Pierre, a French comrade who was in struggle for long time, who have made many merits for the revolutionary movement and who has given his life for revolution, passed away on the 2th of December at an age of 81. For his life and his deeds he deserves our red salutes!
Many condolences on Comrade Pierre have been done the last days, in the following we publish the salutes of the “Building Committee of the Communist Party-maoist of Galicia”, “Tjen Folket” from Norway, the “Pcm Italy” and the “Revolutionaire Eenheid“ of Netherlands on the death of Comrade Pierre.
Source: Maoist Road

Philippines NPSP : Condolences on the death of Comrade Pierre

It is with heavy hearts and deep sorrow that we learned of the unexpected passing away of Comrade Pierre of the Parti Communiste Maoiste (PCM).
We in the United Filipinos in France (NPSP – Nagkakaisang Pilipino sa Pransya) convey our most heartfelt sympathies to his comrades, family and friends. We pay tribute to a beloved comrade of the Filipino people who passionately shared his ideals with us and had passionately worked for a just and better society, not only for his French compatriots, but also for migrants like us.
Comrade Pierre fell down a flight of stairs in a Paris subway on Friday night, 01 December. He suffered very serious injuries to his head and spine and was rushed to the hospital for emergency procedures. On Sunday, the medical team confirmed that he no longer had brain activity. He was disconnected from life support and passed away on Monday morning, 04 December. He was 80 years old.
We had our first contacts with Pierre and his organization in mid-2013. From the start until his last days, he had tirelessly supported the NPSP and its members. He assisted us in getting meeting rooms for our many activities, facilitated French language courses, encouraged us to join various discussions and activities of the progressive & revolutionary movement in France. We joined the Women Empowerment activities held every March, mobilizations calling for the release of political prisoners in October, and various other public gatherings. He didn’t pass up an opportunity to show solidarity and support for the issues and struggles of migrant Filipinos in France.
As a community of undocumented migrants in France, society tends to neglect our basic needs and disregard our basic rights. It is easy for others to turn a blind eye to our existence and our struggles. Comrade Pierre has given voices to our calls. Tirelessly present during our discussion and planning meetings and out in the streets with the trade unions and other groups in undertaking collective action.
We will be forever grateful for his support. His untimely death is a great loss but we will forever cherish your memory — humbly smiling to every migrant, giving of time and effort to every comrade, and tireless service to the people.
Our highest respect and salute to a dear friend and comrade. Long live the memory and legacy of Comrade Pierre!
(In photo: Taken last December 04, 2016 as NPSP give a certificate of recognition to Pierre at our Christmas Party event)

Nagkakaisang Pilipino sa Pransya
06 December 2017
Paris, France

USA – Fly High the Red Flag for Comrade Pierre! – – Queen City Maoist Collective

From the Queen City we send our solidarity and condolences to the Parti Communiste Maoiste (PCM) as they lost comrade Pierre. He was a tremendous beacon of revolution for all Maoists throughout the world, and this loss is huge.
Comrade Pierre’s passing happened on the birthday of Presidente Gonzalo, the greatest living Maoist in the world, and the 48th anniversary of the FBI murder of Fred Hampton and Mark Clark. Fred Hampton was one of the greatest revolutionary to come from the US.
Comrade Pierre was one of the most dedicated revolutionary communists in Europe. Right before the accident leading to his death, he had been attending a protest. Though we never knew him, his loss hit us hard. The loss of a comrade dedicated to the liberation of humanity is a loss for all. From the grand stories of his unwavering dedication to Maoism, to his mentoring of revolutionary youth throughout Europe, without a doubt the loss of comrade Pierre is a loss for the entire international proletariat.
Our collective deeply cherishes the lives of those we have lost serving the people, comrade Pierre among them. His uncompromising dedication should serve as a lesson to all revolutionaries across the world. The fight for world communism must now be sharpened. Comrade Pierre was a militant until the day he died, and we must continue his struggle for the liberation of the world proletariat.
Words from a comrade on comrade Pierre:

Today, a great comrade is gone. It was a man that inspired generations of communists, that gave his whole life at the service of a greater idea of mankind, at the service of a future of justice and freedom. He represented the transfer of knowledge, and he transmitted the fire from the Proletarian Left to the Maoist Communist Party with a tireless energy, being the living memory of struggle. More than a comrade, many of us saw him as a brother, a father or a grandfather, smiling and sharing good advices. He struggle against all kind of deviations, against renouncing, sometimes almost alone against the tide. Comrade, we wont forget you. For us, you’re an example, and you’ll live forever in our struggle. You’re is still among us, wherever flies this flag you loved so much, this red flag with the hammer and the sickle on it.

Long live marxism-leninism-maoism.

Comrade Pierre, present! Honor and respect

Comrade Pierre is immortal!
Fly high the red flag in his memory!
Long Live the PCM!
For revolution in the imperialist centers!
– Queen City Maoist Collective

Manipur for Pierre

France ki Maoist luchingba leikhidre. Comrade asina leikhidabada Manipur Maoist nasu thamoi saokna awaba phongdokchari.
Solidarity to Maoist Communist Party of France on the passing of Comrade Pierre
Our collective, since its early start has been inspired by the Maoists in France who have since then founded their party—the PCM. We are saddened by news of the loss of Comrade Pierre. We extend our condolences, love and respect to his Party, a party which has motivated us and taught us many things. Pierre as a senior leader of the PCM has touched many lives all over the world, their loss is our own. Last month one of our members was able to meet Comrade Pierre and we have included a short statement from this comrade. To the PCM, your loss is felt across oceans!
Some thoughts for a veteran comrade
When you are a member of an organization which is repressed, harassed, and surveilled, going as far as the corner store can be a troublesome experience, and going across the world is considerably more difficult. Delays, extra precautions, bureaucratic paperwork, and jet lag are just the most minor of considerations. My journey to France however, was made worthwhile by getting to meet a veteran leader of the Maoist movement of that country. Comrade Pierre was in his eighties, he was still fit and mobile, and he spoke fast and sharp. Even with a considerable language barrier, we immediately bonded over the concept of urban PPW: “Like a steel belt around the city,” we both said at the same time in different languages.
I have been many places and met many comrades, but none so far have left the kind of impression on me as Comrade Pierre did. His mastery of MLM, his way of expressing himself, his lifetime of militant experience—all were above and beyond expectation

Periódico El Pueblo Chile for Pierre

El 03 de diciembre falleció el camarada Pierre, comunista francés, luego de haber entregado su vida a la lucha revolucionaria.
El camarada Pierre se incorporó a la lucha en el Mayo del 68, revuelta estudiantil que sacudió a toda Francia, y desde ahí lucho con ímpetu contra el imperialismo y el revisionismo (falsos comunistas).
Lee todo en:…/francia-fallece-dirigente-comunista-c…/

Revolucion Obrera Colombia por el camarada Pierre

  • La traducción al español es responsabilidad de Revolución Obrera.


A Nova Democracia – Brasil for Pierre

O dirigente comunista maoista, fundador do Partido Comunista Maoista da França (PCmF), camarada Pierre, faleceu no último dia 3 de dezembro de 2017. Aos 80 anos, ele foi vítima de uma queda nas escadas do metrô, em algum lugar da França, no dia 01/12. A equipe médica declarou morte cerebral.
O camarada Pierre foi um importante lutador que dedicou sua vida à causa do proletariado e encontrou no marxismo-leninismo-maoismo as respostas aos problemas das massas. O PCmF, em declaração sobre seu falecimento denominada O camarada Pierre é imortal!, afirmou que a “sua vida foi repleta de compromisso revolucionário e a serviço do povo”.
Segundo os maoistas franceses, o camarada Pierre envolveu-se na luta revolucionária em maio de 1968, durante a Greve Geral que desembocou em um levantamento de massas extraordinário, sacudindo toda a França.
“Seu compromisso revolucionário sempre foi consequente e completo”, afirmam os maoistas, recordando que o camarada Pierre costumava fazer caminhadas noturnas “para conhecer os problemas diários dos vizinhos e próximos”, “incansavelmente, revolucionário entre as massas como um peixe na água”.
Os maoistas franceses afirmam por fim o seu legado e ensinamentos: “Sempre estar do lado do povo e da classe operária, para estar entre as massas como um peixe na água, buscando sempre melhorar, sabendo desafiar quando necessário, ser firme nos princípios, uma vida a serviço da revolução proletária mundial”.

Comrade Pierre is immortal! Statement from French Maoist Party – english traslation

Comrade Pierre is immortal! Statement from French Maoist Party
Our Comrade Pierre is dead. Saturday, December 2, following a demonstration, he took a terrible fall on the stairs of the subway that left him in critical condition. On Sunday, the medical team confirmed that he no longer had brain activity. He was disconnected from all assistive machines and died on Monday morning at the age of 81.
Our sadness is great and the loss of Comrade Pierre, as a member of the leadership of our Party, is huge. Because of the international dimension of our struggle, the disappearance of our Comrade is a loss for the international proletariat.
The life of Comrade Pierre is a life of revolutionary commitment and serving the people. It was May ’68 that led him to engage in the revolutionary struggle. As a proletarian, he turned quickly toward the Gauche Prolétarienne.
His revolutionary commitment was purposeful, comprehensive, and all-encompassing. Whether it meant joining a strike at a company, accompanying women seeking abortion abroad, supporting the struggle for workers’ migrant homes, siding with the Breton peasants who led the milk war, or simply going around the neighborhood at night to know the daily problems of neighbors – he was there, always there, tireless.
This is how he forged himself as a revolutionary activist, communist activist, and maoist activist – always at the heart of the people’s struggles, among the masses like a fish in the water.
Throughout his life, he continued to sharpen himself in the fire of the class struggle in close connection with the masses who gathered around him by transmitting his experience, training young comrades, and demonstrating by example how to make revolution with his characteristic energy.
Our Comrade Pierre will be remembered as a Comrade of all struggles, as an everlasting Comrade, as a tireless Comrade, who never left the camp of the exploited and oppressed.
As soon as our Comrades began talking about his passing, we received dozens and dozens of testimonials, messages of condolence, and statements expressing great feelings of sadness.
Yes Comrades, the revolutionary camp lost an incredible Comrade. But thanks to the legacy he passed to the younger generations, we have gained hope, strength, determination and an example of what it means to be an authentic communist leader, a Maoist leader: never to let go, always to be on the side of the people and the working class, to be among the masses like a fish in the water, always seeking to improve by knowing how to challenge when necessary, to be firm on the principles.
Comrade Pierre’s life was truly a service to the world proletarian revolution.
Our Comrade Pierre will live in the struggles of the international proletariat, he is immortal!
Our Comrade Pierre is a Maoist leader who will remain in the history of our class!
Comrade Pierre, presente!
Long live the World Proletarian Revolution!
Source : Democracy and class struggle

Canada – PCR quebec pour Pierre

Chers camarades, chères camarades du Parti communiste maoïste:
C’est avec beaucoup d’émotion que nous apprenons le décès de votre camarade – ou plutôt, notre camarade – Pierre, à la suite d’un tragique accident.
Le camarade Pierre incarne le marxisme-léninisme-maoïsme et la lutte pour le défendre, le développer et l’appliquer pour faire avancer la révolution mondiale. La douleur de sa perte, dont vous témoignez avec éloquence, est vivement ressentie par tous ceux et celles qui luttent pour le socialisme et le communisme, au Québec, au Canada et partout dans le monde. Son immense contribution d’une vie au service de la révolution

Pierrot, notre camarade, nous a quittés. – Collectif pour la libération de Georges Ibrahim Abdallah

Communiqués du CLGIA, Mobilisation

Le Collectif pour la libération de Georges Ibrahim Abdallah a la grande tristesse d’annoncer la mort accidentelle, ce lundi 4 décembre, de notre camarade Pierre Oller.

 Pierrot participait au Collectif depuis sa fondation : il y représentait son organisation, le Parti communiste maoïste.
Cette solidarité internationaliste qu’il mettait en action était dans le droit fil de son engagement révolutionnaire, long de plusieurs décennies.
Porteur de profondes convictions communistes,  il faisait vivre l’anti-impérialisme dans les combats d’aujourd’hui.
Grâce à son activité militante incessante et à son optimisme de combattant inlassable, Pierrot avait su mobiliser des forces nouvelles et jeunes, toujours présentes lors des manifestations pour exiger la libération de Georges Abdallah. Son esprit unitaire a été important pour élargir la campagne de solidarité.
Le Collectif adresse ses chaleureuses pensées à son épouse, à sa famille, à sa filleule, à ses amis et camarades de lutte.

Tunisie pour Pierre – Organisation du travail communiste

تلقينا اليوم ببالغ الأسى خبر رحيل الرفيق “بيار” القيادي صلب الحزب الشيوعي الماوي الفرنسي والذي تركنا عن سنّ تناهز 82 بعد مسيرة كفاحية خالدة.وإذ تتقدم منظمة العمل الشيوعي – تونس بأحرّ التعازي للرفاق في الحزب الشيوعي الماوي Parti Communiste maoïste ولكافة الثوريين والشيوعيين في العالم ولكل أحرار الإنسانية، فإنها تستذكر في هذه اللحظة الفارقة المسيرة النضالية الملهمة لأحد أبرز وجوه الحركة الشيوعية الفرنسية والأممية الذي كان لنا شرف لقائه والنضال إلى جانبه في التحرك الذي تم تنظيمه بفرنسا للمطالبة بإطلاق سراح المناضل الشيوعي جورج ابراهيم عبدالله .
المجد والخلود للرفيق بيار !
Abbiamo ricevuto la notizia della morte del nostro compagno Pierre, dirigente del Partito Comunista maoista di Francia, che ci ha lasciati all’età di 82 anni dopo un percorso di lotta ininterrotto. Perciò, l’Organizzazione del Lavoro Comunista – Tunisia esprime le sue condoglianze più sentite a tutti i rivoluzionari e al Partito Comunista maoista di Francia e a tutti i comunisti nel mondo. E in questo momento assai importante, ci ricorderemo per sempre del percorso di lotta continuo di uno tra i più noti nel movimento comunista francese, esprimendo l’onore di averlo incontrato e di aver lottato al suo fianco nella manifestazione per la liberazione di George Ibrahim Abdallah .
Gloria eterna al compagno Pierre

Germany Jugendwiderstand : “Fight, comrades! Fight and comrade Pierre will be immortal”

On this day we want to express our warmest internationalist salute and our solidarity towards our French comrades of the PCM.
We want to honour the memory of comrade Pierre who without and doubt has been a genuine revolutionary to the bottom of his heart and fought with fervor and dedication from the very first days of his struggle, to the moment he joined Gauche Prolétarienne, until the very last day.
We only had the chance to meet him once, but it was enough to see how much he cares for the people, how the younger comrades looked up to him, how tireless he was in organizing the revolution and how confident about us – the movement of the international proletariat – to finally win the struggle and conquer imperialism.
And this is the legacy of comrade Pierre we want to uphold: That his example will enlighten the hearts of young revolutionaries across the world and be with us in our struggle and of course with the French comrades in their struggle and so on… and one day, when the struggle is won and the victory is ours, he along with all the other revolutionaries who gave their lives will be part of it.
Fight, comrades! Fight and comrade Pierre will be immortal.

December 6, 2017

ICSPWI – thankyou comrade Pierre, untiring supporter of people’s war in India!

 Pesar polo falecemento do Camarada Pierre.

Comité Galego de Apoio a Guerra Popular na India.

Nota de imprenta.

Con grande pesar recebemos a noticia da morte, nun accidente, do camarada Pierre, un activo defensor da guerra popular revolucionaria que leva adiante o Partido Comunista da India (maoísta) e importante figura dos comunistas marxistas-leninistas-maoístas na Francia.
Tivemos ocasión de compartir momentos co camarada, na grande conferencia internacionalista de Hamburg en defensa da guerra popular na India, e apreciar o seu cariño polas masas e polos compañeiros e compañeiras que traballamos activamente nesta loita.
En nome das compañeiras e compañeiros que facemos parte do Comité Galego expresamos o noso pesar e cariño a súa compañeira, amigos e camaradas do PC-maoísta da Francia.

Honor e Gloria ao camarada Pierre !

Galiza, 06.12.17
Comité Galego de Apoio a Guerra Popular na India.

EE.UU.: Comrade Pierre, Red Salute! Tampa Maoist Collective.

 Dec 6th 2017:
When we think about the forces that inspired the creation of our collective, we immediately think of our comrades in Parti Communiste Maoïste. The PCM shows us that even in the centers of imperialism, it is right to rebel. Because of our tremendous respect, love, and international solidarity with the PCM, it was with great sadness that we learned of the death of Comrade Pierre. At the age of 81, this comrade never ceased to serve as a shining example of what it means to be a communist. Comrade Pierre took up the mantle of Maoism at the precise moment when the left in imperialist states was defecting in droves to post-modernism, he never apologized for his support of revolution and taught new generations of revolutionaries what it means to serve the people.
Much has been said about the life of Comrade Pierre by our comrades across the world and within the US, to this symphony of honor and respect our collective can only add very little. None of us knew or had met Comrade Pierre, but his example still reached us though a great distance stood between our two organizations. To us, Comrade Pierre is immortal and lives on in the actions of his comrades in France and across the world. With each advance we take, in Fance, the US, India, or Turkey, the memory of Comrade Pierre and all our martyrs marches with us.
To the Parti Communiste Maoïste, we offer your party, its mass organizations, and supporters our love and condolences on a loss that has affected you all so profoundly. The outcry of working people at the death of Comrade Pierre from one continent to another is a tribute to the work not only of that comrade, but of your entire party. The Tampa Maoist Collective sends you all red internationalist solidarity as you carry on the outstanding legacy of your comrade and friend Pierre.Long live the revolutionary memory of Comrade Pierre!
Long Live the World Proletarian Revolution!
Comrade Pierre, Lal Salaam!
Forward to Communism!

for Pierre from Sry Lanka

On the pass away on Com. Pierre
Dear comrades,
We express our deep sympathy on the pass away of the com Pierre. He is a revolutionary communist and tried to uphold communism and internationalism in the work with France and Europe. On this difficult movement of the international communist movement we have bereaved experienced fighter who stand for support to the people’s war in India and other countries, as well as support to the build and develop the communist movement in other countries. In this moment there is no doubt his pass away is greater loss for French and international comrades. We express our deep grief to the French comrades and expect they will live the memory and work of our fallen comrade in his life struggle. We expect comrades carry out his flag to achieve ultimate goal of the communist world. Let’s learn from his journey and his internationalist spirit.
Long Live memory of comrade Pierre!
Long live revolutionary internationalism!
Maoist Revolutionary League (MRL)
Sri Lanka

Camarade Pierre vendredi matin, à 10h, au cimetière du Père Lachaise salle Maumejean.

La crémation du Camarade Pierre aura lieu ce vendredi matin, à 10h, au cimetière du Père Lachaise salle Maumejean.
La mise en bière se déroulera à la chambre mortuaire de l’hôpital de la Pitié Salpetrière à 8h30. Vous pouvez inviter les Camarades qui souhaitent venir.
Salutations rouges

PCm Italy for Pierre’s Death – traslation french/english/spanish

message aux  camarades
Pierre est mort – nous sommes aux côtés des camarades français et nous serrons très fort dans nos bras sa copine.
Cet extraordinaire camarade communiste marxiste léniniste maoïste nous a laissé à la suite d’une chute maudite.
Nous sommes accablés par cette perte irréparable pour nous et pour le mouvement communiste international.
De tels camarades ne se rendent jamais, ils continuent à se battre jusqu’à l’épuisement pour la construction idéologique, théorique politique et d’organisation du parti communiste dans leur pays, puisqu’ ils sont internationalistes au fond de soi, ils voyagent sans cesse pour participer à chaque événement internationale utile à la cause de la révolution et à la cause de l’internationale communiste,
ils sont engagés chaque jour dans la lutte de la classe ouvrière et dans chaque agitation révolutionnaire, ils gagnent les jeunes et ils ne perdent jamais leur enthousiasme propagandiste, ils font l’histoire récente de ces années difficiles pour la construction des partis communistes authéntiques, ils font l’histoire, la vraie, celle du mouvement communiste international actuel.
Ce sont ces camarades qui, sans morgue sénile et idéologisme sectaire puérile, avec ténacité et modestie marquent la marche irrésistible du prolétariat.
Dans certaines périodes il a conduit tout seul la bataille sans se sentir jamais seul, parce qu’il était
toujours en première ligne dans la lutte des classes et il avait sur ses épaules et dans son coeur la force historique du passé du mouvement communiste et la convinction que le futur nous appartient.
Un camarade qui nous touche pour sa longue militance qui a traversé au moins un demi-siècle de la lutte communiste en France et du mouvement communiste marxiste-léniniste maoïste des derniers trente ans.
Un camarade à nos côtés du premier jour que nous l’avons connu jusqu’à la dernière fois que nous l’avons rencontré en Italie au mois de septembre 2017.
Un camarade qu’on va honorer comme il mérite dans notre organisation et dans le mouvement ouvrier communiste national et international.
Un camarade à qui on va dédier une partie importante du 2018 – le 50ème anniversaire du ’68 déclenché par le ” mai français ” – un camarade dont on ne se lassera jamais d’apprendre parce que jamais comme aujourd’hui il est vrai que ” Pierre est vivant et il lutte avec nous ! “
Vive le parti communiste maoïste de France qu’il a fondé.
Honneur et gloire au militant infatigable et au dirigeant communiste marxiste -léniniste- maoïste.
Vive l’internationalisme prolétarien.
Vive la révolution socialiste mondiale.
Ses camarades maoïstes italiens
PCm Italie
4 décembre 2017

el camarada Pierre ha muerto.

Estamos a lado con los camaradas franceses y damos un gran abrazo a su compañera de vida.

Este extraordinario camarada comunista marxista-leninista-maoista nos dejó después de una maldita caída.
Estamos destrozados por esta pérdida irremediable para nosotros y para el movimiento comunista internacional.

Son camaradas como estos, que nunca se dan por vencidos, que continúan hasta la última gota de energía lucha
ndo por la construcción teórica, ideológica, política y organizativa del Partido en su país, que viajan incesantemente, ya que son internacionalistas ‘a su interior’, para participar a todos los eventos internacionales que sirven la causa de la revolución y de la Internacional Comunista, que cada día están comprometidos con la lucha de la clase obrera y todo fermento revolucionario, que conquistan jóvenes, que nunca pierden su entusiasmo propagandista, son los que hacen la historia reciente de estos años difíciles para la construcción de partidos comunistas auténticos, que hacen la historia, la real historia del movimiento comunista internacional.
altivez senil ni ideologismo sectario infantil, con tenacidad y modestia son los que marcan la irresistible marcha del proletariado.

Para períodos el único a llegar por delante la batalla sin nunca sentirse solo, porque siempre al frente de la lucha de clases y teniendo por detrás y en el corazón la fuerza histórica del pasado del movimiento comunista y el convencimiento que el futuro nos pertenece.

Un camarada impresionante, para la larga militancia que ha pasado al menos medio siglo de la lucha comunista en Francia y los últimos treinta años del movimiento comunista marxista-leninista maoísta.
camarada al nuestro lado desde el primer día que lo conocimos hasta la última vez que lo encontramos en Italia en septiembre de 2017.Un camarada al que honraremos adecuadamente en nuestra organización y en el movimiento obrero y comunistas nacional e internacional.
camarada a quién vamos a dedicar una parte importante de 2018 – el 50° aniversario del 68, activado por el ‘mayo francés’ – un camarada del cual nunca nos cansaremos de aprender.

Porque nunca ha sido tan cierto que ¡Pierre está vivo y lucha con nosotros!
Viva el Partido Comunista Maoísta de Francia fundado por él.

Honor y gloria al infatigable militante y líder comunista marxista-leninista-maoísta.
Viva el
internacionalismo proletario.
la revolución socialista mundial.

Su camaradas maoístas italianos
Pcm Italia

4 diciembre 2017


Comrade Pierre is dead – we are at the side of the French comrades and embrace his life partner.

This extraordinary Marxist Maoist Marxist communist comrade left us after a damn fall.
We are shattered by this irremediable loss for us and the international communist movement.
Comrades like him, who never gave up, who continued until the last drop of energy fighting for the ideological, theoretical, political and organizational construction of the Communist party in his country, traveling, because he was “internationalists inside”, to incessantly participate in any international event serving the cause of the revolution and the Communist International, who was daily engaged in the struggle of the working class and any revolutionary ferment, who won youth, who never lose their propaganda enthusiasm, those who make the history of the recent difficult years for the construction of genuine communist parties, those who make the history, the true one of the current international communist movement.
With neither senile arrogance or childish sectarian ideologism, with tenacity and modesty, these comrades mark the irresistible march of the proletariat.

For a time he was the only one to lead the battle but ever felt alone, because he was all the time in the front row in the class struggle and had on the shoulders and in the heart the historical strength of the past Communist movement and the confidence that the future belongs to us.
An impressive com
rade, for his long militancy that has gone through at least half a century of the communist struggle in France and the last thirty years of the Maoist Marxist-Leninist communist movement.
comrade at our side since the first day we met him until the last time we met in Italy in September 2017.A comrade we will honor properly in our organization and in the national and international workers and communist movement.
A com
rade to whom we will dedicate an important part of the 2018 – the 50th anniversary of ’68, triggered by the ‘French May’ – a comrade from which we will not get tired to learn.
ecause it has never been so true that “Pierre lives and struggles with us!”

Long live the Maoist
Communist Party of France founded by him.

Honor and glory to the indefatigable militant and Marxist-Leninist-Maoist communist leader.
Long live proletarian internationalism.

Long live the world socialist revolution.

his Italian Maoist comrades
PCm Italy

December 4, 2017

,,,,,comrade Pierre has fallen, a revolutionary senior leader of the Maoist Communist Party of France (Parti Communiste Maoïste – PCM) – redguardsla.

Yesterday, Dec. 3 2017, was the 83rd birthday of the greatest living Marxist-Leninist-Maoist alive, the fourth sword of Marxism, who – with the Communist Party of Peru and the Peruvian masses – introduced contemporary revolutionary Maoism to the world, Manuel Rubén Abimael Guzmán Reynoso, also known as Presidente Gonzalo.
A man imprisoned by the Peruvian state, kept behind bars since his capture in 1992, for the rest of his life. Abimael Guzman is kept in a subterranean cell in the maximum security Callao naval base surrounded by round-the-clock military guards and landmines.
A man who, still, does not fear death. But rather, whose life and ideology are still feared by the Peruvian state and the international revisionists and bourgeoisie. His Peruvian and international supporters and students continue to call on the defense of his life – from India, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Turkey, Columbia, Mexico, Italy, Spain, the U.S., Canada and other countries across the globe.
As we utilize the birth date of Presidente Gonzalo to reaffirm our commitment to proletarian revolution, to reaffirm the greatest weapon of the proletariat and the oppressed, Maoism, we must also honor and reflect on today – Dec. 4 – the anniversary of the martyrdom of Black revolutionary communists – Chairman of the Illinois chapter of the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense Fred Hampton and comrade and Party member Mark Clark. Chairman Fred Hampton and comrade Mark Clark were martyred by the Chicago police with the assistance of federal agents and treacherous informants in 1969.
And on the other side of the ocean in France, comrade Pierre has fallen, a revolutionary senior leader of the Maoist Communist Party of France (Parti  Communiste Maoïste – PCM) who took up the scarlet flag of Maoism only to pass it down to future generations: the obligation of any Maoist.
Or as one comrade put it:
“Today, a great comrade has gone. He was a man who inspired generations of communists, who gave his whole life to the service of a greater idea of humanity, serving a future of justice and freedom. He represented the transmission of knowledge, and he passed the torch to the PCM with a tireless energy, representing the living memory of the struggle. More than a comrade, many of us considered him a brother, a father or a grandfather, smiling and full of common sense. He fought against all deviations, against all renouncement, sometimes almost alone against all. Comrade, we will not forget you. For us you are an example, and in our struggle you will live forever. Your memory is with us, wherever this flag you love so much, the red flag struck by the hammer and sickle. Long Live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism! Comrade Pierre, present! Salute and honor!”
As one life passes, another one is born. As one revolutionary life is extinguished, another revolutionary life is initiated. The Maoist must see life and death in this way: that there is no death for the revolutionary, only a transformation from militant to memory.
To be a revolutionary, to be a Maoist, must mean to be fearless and to surrender to the historical and philosophical acceptance of giving one’s life for the revolution.
“Fear? I believe that fear and lack of fear form a contradiction. The point is to take up our ideology, and unleash the courage within us. It is our ideology that makes us brave, that gives us courage. In my opinion, no one is born brave. It is society, the class struggle, that makes people and communists courageous–the class struggle, the proletariat, the Party, and our ideology. What could the greatest fear be? Death? As a materialist I know that life will end some day. What is most important to me is to be an optimist, with the conviction that others will continue the work to which I am committed, and will carry it forward until they reach our final goal, communism…” – Abimael Guzman
“Why don’t you live for the people. Why don’t you struggle for the people. Why don’t you die for the people.” – Fred Hampton

Irish Socialist Republicans: On the Death of Comrade Pierre

Irish Socialist Republicans express our strongest solidarity to our comrades, the Parti Communiste Maoïste (France), and to our comrades at Redspark following the death of Comrade Pierre.
The sudden death of Comrade Pierre is felt by all revolutionary forces across Europe and the world and is a major loss to the French proletariat and the international Working Class.
At 81, Comrade Pierre was a life long fighter on behalf of the Working Class and oppressed people, a revolutionary leader and a leading cadre of the PCM. Comrade Pierre led by example and gave freely of his time and experience to educate and train new generations of cadre in revolutionary theory and practice. Such revolutionaries are all to rare.
The continuity and experience of leadership personified in Comrade Pierre, is an incalculable loss to the revolutionary movement in France and Europe. While now is a time of mourning, a new generation must step forward, take up the mantle of struggle and continue the class war until victory. Such actions are the only fitting monuments to comrades like Pierre.
As Mao said “ All men must die, but death can vary in its significance. The ancient Chinese writer Szuma Chien said, “Though death befalls all men alike, it may be weightier than Mount Tai or lighter than a feather.” To die for the people is weightier than Mount Tai, but to work for the fascists and die for the exploiters and oppressors is lighter than a feather.”
The loss of Comrade Pierre, therefore is weightier than Mount Tai. Forward to the international victory of the Proletariat!

Revolutionaire Eenheid salutes comrade Pierre, he is immortal! Revolutionaire Eenheid Netherlands

Our comrade Pierre is has passed away. A revolutionary since the ’68 uprisings in France, he passed away on Monday morning 4 December at the age of 81. He died of the consequences of a terrible fall off the stairs of the subway on the Saturday before, just after a demonstration.
It is with great sadness that we heard the news of our fallen comrade. Comrade Pierre was a dedicated revolutionary, always busy with political work in all its different forms. He was on the streets of his neighborhood, working with the proletariat around him. He was at the protests whenever they were there, up until his death. He was a theoretician and building a party, the PCM in France, according to Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, one of the strongest in the imperialist ‘belly of the beast’. It is through all of his work, his tirelessness and his selflessness that he will be remembered.
Comrade Pierre was in the Netherlands a couple of months ago. His energy, steadfastness and dedication to the worldwide proletarian revolution was clear to everyone who met him. At the same time comrade Pierre was humble and sober, stripped from the petit-bourgeois lifestyle that so many of us are stubbornly holding on to.
The passing away of comrade Pierre makes us sad. This is normal. But let us turn this sadness into action – that is what comrade Pierre would have wanted us to do. Let us carry the life and spirit of comrade Pierre in our everyday lives. Let us undo ourselves from petit-bourgeois lifestyles and ideologies. Let us be dedicated revolutionaries of the proletariat that will never stop until exploitation and oppression are a thing of the past. Let us fight for the worldwide proletarian revolution until communism!
Carry on the life and spirit of comrade Pierre in the worldwide proletarian revolution, he is immortal!
Comrade Pierre, presente!
Long live the worldwide proletarian revolution!

Revolutionaire Eenheid

Solidarity to Maoist Communist Party of France on the passing of Comrade Pierre – Red Guards Austin

Our collective, since its early start has been inspired by the Maoists in France who have since then founded their party—the PCM. We are saddened by news of the loss of Comrade Pierre. We extend our condolences, love and respect to his Party, a party which has motivated us and taught us many things.  Pierre as a senior leader of the PCM has touched many lives all over the world, their loss is our own.  Last month one of our members was able to meet Comrade Pierre and we have included a short statement from this comrade.  To the PCM, your loss is felt across oceans!
– Red Guards Austin, Dec 5, 2017

Some thoughts for a veteran comrade

When you are a member of an organization which is repressed, harassed, and surveilled, going as far as the corner store can be a troublesome experience, and going across the world is considerably more difficult. Delays, extra precautions, bureaucratic paperwork, and jet lag are just the most minor of considerations. My journey to France however, was made worthwhile by getting to meet a veteran leader of the Maoist movement of that country. Comrade Pierre was in his eighties, he was still fit and mobile, and he spoke fast and sharp. Even with a considerable language barrier, we immediately bonded over the concept of urban PPW: “Like a steel belt around the city,” we both said at the same time in different languages.
I have been many places and met many comrades, but none so far have left the kind of impression on me as Comrade Pierre did. His mastery of MLM, his way of expressing himself, his lifetime of militant experience—all were above and beyond expectation. I am honored to have sat with a giant.
We spoke of many, many things over the span of a few days, days now laced with a tinge of loss. Most teachers if they are worth anything can impart a great deal of knowledge given enough time. Truly great teachers will impart this knowledge much more quickly. Pierre stated that we are not eternal, and in the biological sense he was of course correct, a thesis he would prove less than one month later. In the other sense, Pierre, you are indeed eternal. Your experience has trained a movement, built a party, a great party—the PCM. There are many comrades who will not hesitate to continue fighting on in your stead, and you live now in each of our struggles.
A fighter in May ’68, a tireless supporter of the people’s war in Peru, and a student of Marx, Lenin, Mao, and Gonzalo—you are a part of a whole. Many people in their eighties remark of the rashness of their youth, show concern that they were too extreme, and the excesses (when they admit them) light a small glimmer in their otherwise dull eyes. This glimmer, however, never left Pierre’s eyes for a moment. We spoke well into late nights, and on early mornings his stamina was greater than comrades’ a quarter of his age. Not for a moment did he lament militancy. He would wield it like the sword of truth: “This time we will go further!” Many men were militant; Pierre was a militant who never stopped.
His inspiration and his remarkable revolutionary life will be carried with me for the rest of mine. I hope to develop half the commitment and knowledge that he showed. Upon parting for what would be the final time, he grasped my arms with a firm grip, looked directly at me, and told me, in English, “Remember—and do not forget—build the party!” I gave him my word that I would give my whole life to this, and I aim to make good on my word.
We may have been locked in struggles half a world apart, but we are all in the same class, children of the proletariat, who must build our parties and wage our wars. The whole of the PCM has lost a great fighter, teacher, and revolutionary, but we too in the international communist movement have lost a rare and dedicated comrade, a comrade who cared deeply for the trajectory of world revolution and never took his glimmering eyes off of the final goal of communism.
Red salute to the very best among us! The only way to properly honor our dead is to continue the fight! Comrade Pierre is eternal! Long live PCM, long live MLM, long live Pierre!
Statment from PCM in English: Comrade Pierre is immortal

Honor and Glory to Comrade Pierre!

Building Committee of the Communist Party-maoist of Galicia.

On December 4 we received the sad news of the death of Comrade Pierre, this report has shocked all the members of the BC of the Communist Party-maoist of Galicia.

Comrade Pierre, who hoisted the Maoism flag in France while those who claimed to be communists took refuge in parliamentary cretinism or in their couches of intellectuals.

Comrade Pierre, that when the LOD began and all the lies and cock-and-bull stories against the PCP, buntly defended the revolutionary line marked by Chairman Gonzalo.

Comrade Pierre, who struggled tirelessly for building the Maoist Communist Party, now an organization that follows the path of the Revolution.

Comrade Pierre, that when the revisionists and pseudo-revolutionaries criticized and ran away the Banlieues revolt, was present and struggling along with the rebellious youth of those neighborhoods.

Comrade Pierre, who always worked tirelessly for the unity of the Maoists around the world, will not be able to see this unity, but in his name and in the name of so many comrades who have left their lives for the People’s War and for the World Proletarian Revolution, the Maoists will tirelessly struggle for that unity. As the comrades of Brazil say: Camarada Pierre presente na luta!!

Comrade Pierre was a reference for our organization due to his determination and ability to work despite his age. Comrade Pierre was the anvil where many Maoists were forged with the invincible steel of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, they, who now will be multiplied, after his death, with the conviction that the future of the French proletarian youth and the world will be a bright future in a red world of the proletariat.

From the BC of the Communist Party-maoist of Galicia we want to show our condolences with his partner, friend and comrade, as well as with all comrades of the Maoist Communist Party of France.

Honor and Glory to Comrade Pierre!!

Long live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!!

Building Committee of the Communist Party-maoist of Galicia
Galicia December 5, 2017

Remembering Comrade Pierre – Our Language is Communism – Democracy and Class Struggle

We are saddened by the news of the death of Comrade Pierre of the Parti Communiste Maoiste.
Democracy and Class Struggle met Comrade Pierre on three occasions once in Paris and twice in London – we are now just left with our fond memories of him.
We first met him first in Paris with comrade Harry when he was building the new Maoist Movement in France just as we were trying to re-establish a new Maoist Movement in the British Isles.
Our second meeting was when he came to London to support our first public meeting in London to support Indian Maoists.
The third meeting was at a Political Prisoners Meeting when he made sure I understood the strategic concept of Protracted Peoples War and I gave him a copy of our book Marxism Against Market Socialism which he greatly appreciated.
I struggled with my limited French and he with his limited English but I remember him saying encouragingly as we struggled our language was communism – we were proletarian brothers.

Source: http://democracyandclasstruggle

Revolutionary Praxis Britain on the death of Comrade Pierre

Revolutionary Praxis on the death of Comrade Pierre

Revolutionary Praxis is saddened to learn of the death of Comrade Pierre. Back in the sixties this dedicated comrade took part in the struggle to build a thoroughly revolutionary movement in opposition to the degenerate revisionism which had arisen in France and other countries. The period since then has not been an easy one for comrades trying to keep the Red Flag flying but Pierre has lasted the course. In recent years he came to Britain on at least two occasions to try to help with building links among Maoists in Europe. This is a period when capitalism and imperialism are facing growing problems. We must pay tribute to his memory by renewing our efforts to promote real internationalism in revolutionary political struggle.
Long live the memory of Comrade Pierre!

Revolutionary Praxis (Britain)

Red salute to the living memory of Comrade Pierre – Tjen Folket Norway

Pierre, a long time Maoist activist in France, has passed away in a age of 81. Tjen Folket send our condolences to his family and the Maoist Communist Party (PCM) of wich he was a leading activist.
In the event of a comrade passing, we put forward Mao Zedongs words “To die for the people is weightier than Mount Tai”. Pierre lived for the people – he was an activist in the 1968-rebellion, in the ML-movement of the 1970thies, he was part of the establishing of a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist centre in France and he was still an activist till the end.
Tjen Folket did not know Pierre well, but some of our activists actually met him not long before he passed away. We are happy for this, since it is always inspiring to meet people who have dedicated a whole life to the struggle. He asked questions and made remarks, about social-imperialist China, imperialist aggression in the Middle East – and he told about the mass work and political line of PCM.
The Maoist movement is a young movement. But already, we have many martyrs from all corners of the world. Pierre was a veteran of the former communist movement, but he lived in the present, not in the past.
Red salute to Comrade Pierre!
Red salute to his family, friends and comrades!
Fight in the spirit of Comrade Pierre, long live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!

North Korea: the Real Concerns

North Korea: the Real Concerns


[We have excerpted this article form New Democracy, #63, organ of the NDMLP]

Whenever North Korea announces the testing of a nuclear device or a ballistic missile, media respond with nervous concern that North Korea is taking the world to the brink of war. While it is the US that is seeking a pretext to wage war on North Korea by claiming that it constitutes a threat to Global Security, the impression created is that North Korea is a poverty stricken rouge state which indulges in military adventure to divert attention of its people from their problems by repeated reference to threats by the US and its client state in South Korea, and that North Korea thereby threatens world peace through its limited stock of nuclear weapons and missile delivery stems.

The concern expressed by the US officialdom and its docile media is that North Korea has acquired the means of an effective self-defence, which makes it a threat to the US. Such attitude is not new and has been the excuse for the US to threaten, subvert, attack and invade countries that it presents to its public as a threat to its security. The list of victims is long. However, Cuba, Iran and North Korea constitute the best remembered cases of prolonged unsuccessful victimization by the US.

It is important to know the history of the conflict in Korea to understand the true situation and recognize who poses a threat to whose existence in the standoff between the US and North Korea.


Division of Korea

North Korea, which is the most heavily sanctioned country, has been the victim of the wrath of the US from the time it frustrated US efforts to prevent socialism taking root in Korea after the liberation of the country from Japanese occupation in 1945. The US, fearing widespread popularity of the Korean revolution across Korea, immediately created the United States Army Military Government in Korea (USAMGIK) south of the 38th Parallel and made it the sole legal authority until the Republic of Korea (ROK) was formally established on 15thAugust 1948 in South Korea. The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) was formed in North Korea on 9th September 1948. Thus Korea was divided without consulting the people of Korea and the pledge of fair nationwide elections to enable reunification was not honoured.US military occupation of South Korea has continued despite its becoming a republic; and the US intervened in the elections to impose the right-wing nationalist, Syngman Rhee on South Korea. His murderous regime lasted until 26th April 1960, when he was overthrown by a weeklong protest by students opposing police violence and demanding fair elections.

The US used the bitterly anti-communist Syngman Rhee to provoke conflict with the North; and, contrary to the official Western version propagated by the dominant media that North Korea invaded South Korea on 25th June 1950, it was the South Korean forces that bombed the North Korean town of Haeju on 23rd and 24th June and announced its capture in the morning of 26th June. The New York Times admitted on June 26, 1950 that provocative pronouncements came from the South Korean regime and not the North. Thus North Korea was dragged into a war by the US using its glove puppet regime in Seoul.


The Korean War

North Korea was dragged into war by the US and named the aggressor by the UN, when the Soviet Union boycotted its General Assembly. With the Soviet Union lacking its veto in the Security Council, the US was able to use the name of the UN for its war on North Korea from 27th June 1950.

The US scored initial success by inflicting untold destruction on North Korea but failed to accomplish its mission of subduing North Korea. The war, besides, led to another humiliation of the US when it dragged China into the conflict in mid-October.

China entered the fray when US intervened to drive back the North Korean forces from the positions that they captured in the South and advance into the northernmost parts of North Korea. The Chinese and North Koreans together overcame the South Korean and US forces within weeks putting them on the retreat until January 1951, after which China expressed interest in bringing the conflict to an end. But that was rejected by war mongers of the US establishment like General MacArthur, who even threatened to use a nuclear bomb against North Korea. But Macarthur was soon relieved of his command post in Korea and peace talks started, much against the wishes of Syngman Rhee, at Kaesong on 10thJuly 1951 and continued in Panmunjom from 25th October. Armistice was signed on27th July 1953 with the 38th Parallel reset as boundary between the North and the US-dominated South. Cold War tensions continued unabated as the Armistice was not a peace treaty so that, in theory, the war has not ended.

The wanton damage inflicted by the armed forces of the US on the people of North Korea has been variously estimated. Between 20 and 30% of the North Korean population of a little over eight million were reported killed mainly by indiscriminate US bombing which destroyed 78 cities and thousands of villages and demolished nearly all power plants and most of the industry in North Korea.

US bombing of North Korea comprised 635,000 tons of bombs including 32,557 tons of napalm, compared to 503,000 tons of bombs dropped by the US in the entire Pacific theatre of World War II. (This record was surpassed several fold during the Vietnam War with napalm and Agent Orange defoliants usage exceeding napalm usage against North Korea by a factor of ten.)

Such wanton destruction is adequate basis for North Korea to view every move of the US in East Asia with strong suspicion. Actions of successive US governments have done little to diminish the fears of North Korea.


Keeping Korea Divided

North Korea was, however, very keen on the reunification of North and South Korea as were the people of both parts of the country divided by US imperialism. Reuniting the North and South by peaceful means would mean that the US will not be able to station its troops in South Korea for long as well as leave few excuses for the presence of US troops in East Asia including Japan. Hence the US was interested in not only keeping the country divided but also maintaining a permanent state of hostility between the divided parts.

Even Syngman Rhee, like Kim Il Sung, all along wanted a united Korea. A reunited Korea is the dream of all Koreans. The real obstacle to reunion has been the US which resents the idea of rapprochement between the North and the South and exerts pressure on South Korean heads of state whenever they seek closer ties with the North. Even today there is bitter conflict between US President Donald Trump and South Korean President Moon Jae-in about the need for dialogue with the North, unlike his corrupt predecessors Park Geun-hye and Lee Myung-bak who pursued hostility towards the North at the instigation of the US while paying lip service to reunification.

The global media works overtime to present an image of a democratic South Korea struggling against an aggressive North Korea which plans to destroy the South. A reading of the history of democracy in South Korea will dispel such illusion.

Syngman Rhee, the first ruler of South Korea was a dictator overthrown by student protest in 1960, only to be soon followed by direct military rule from 1961 to 1963 by General Park Chung Hee who got himself elected twice and in 1972 declared himself President for Life. His dictatorial regime ended in 1979 with his assassination. He was followed by the dictatorial regimes of Major General Chun Doo-Hwan (1980-1988) and General Roh Tae Woo (1988-1993).

Kim Young-sam, elected president in 1992,served as the first civilian president of the country from 1993 to 1998 and sought to improve relations with the North. He also ensured that the two former presidents, Chun Doo-Hwan and Roh Tae Woo, who were guilty of bribery and corruption, were sentenced to imprisonment. He was followed by Kim Dae-jung (1998-2003) whose actions to reconcile with North Korea culminated in reunions of the separated families of the Korean War and a summit talk with North Korea’s Leader Kim Jong Il. That was resented by the US and a hostile policy came into effect following the election of Lee Myung-bak as the next President and lasted even more vigorously through the presidency of Park Geun-hye who was formally impeached in 2017 for corruption. President Moon Jae-in who swore in on 10th May 2017, although desirous of friendly relations with the North, is constrained by the unhealthy climate created over the past 14 years.

The US has kept Korea divided by promoting the illusion that North Korea is a threat to the South; and the international media portray North Korea, the only country in recent history to lose a quarter of its population in war, as a threat to global security. The current theme is the nuclear threat posed by North Korea, ignoring the sources of such threat.


Nuclear Weapons in South Korea

South Korea admitted to the IAEA in 2004 that its scientists had secretly been enriching uranium. In the early 1970’s, fearing the effect of US troop reduction in South Korea, the Weapons Exploitation Committee of the government decided to develop nuclear weapons. The programme appears to have continued until October 1979. South Korea has admitted to secret activities that began in 1979 and continued through 1987 without declaration to the IAEA, in violation of its NPT commitments. Whether or not the scientists were working with higher-level approval is unknown. But the scientists belonged to the state funded Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute. [See:]

South Korea, although not a producer of nuclear weapons, was provided with nuclear weapons by the US which decided on their type, quantity and location. The US Army deployed Nike Hercules surface-to-air missiles to South Korea in 1961 for possible use as surface-to-surface missiles to lay a carpet of radioactivity along the DMZ. Also in 1961 the US Army in South Korea added a surface to surface missile with a 200 kiloton nuclear warhead. Tactical nuclear recoilless rifles provided with nuclear artillery shells were in service in South Korea from 1962 to 1968.

At the height of the Cold War, US nuclear deployment in South Korea was approximately 950 weapons of all types. However, by the 1970s the US Army and Air Force had phased out all nuclear rockets, surface to surface missiles and cruise missiles from South Korea, leaving behind artillery shells and gravity bombs as the only tactical nuclear weapons, until removal of all nuclear weapons was ordered in 1991. The US arsenal of nuclear gravity bombs in South Korea had Air Force F-4D Phantom II fighter jets as delivery vehicles with tactical nuclear weapons deployed at a high state of readiness against surprise invasion by North Korea and for an all-out nuclear war. [See:]

Nuclear Build-up in North Korea

Not long after the Korean War the US was at war in Vietnam following the ignominious defeat of the French colonialists in 1954. US involvement grew to the point of committing US troops in 1965 and the war ended in a humiliating defeat for the US in 1975.

Besides, the 1970’s also saw strong anti-colonial and anti-imperialist upsurges in the Third World which put imperialism on the retreat. But US influence in East and South East Asia was strong among its allies such as Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Taiwan and South Korea which fought alongside the US in Vietnam. However, threatening North Korea was not easy while a militarily strong Soviet Union sided with North Korea, which was also friendly with China. Yet, as explained earlier, the US stockpiled tactical nuclear weapons across South Korea until 1991. Despite US claims that it has no nuclear weapons in South Korea, it is likely that they are held in ships offshore.

North Korea’s interest in nuclear technology began in the 1950’s. It received knowledge and technology from the Soviet Union to found its Atomic and Nuclear Physics Research Institute in 1955. Agreement was made with the Soviet Union in September 1959on the use of nuclear power. A research reactor was set up in 1963 and became operational in 1965.Through subsequent independent research, North Korea upgraded its Soviet-built reactor to 8 MW and installed home-built power plants and uranium-ore processing and fuel-rod fabrication plants. North Korean light-water reactors met the growing demand for electric power.

In 1985, North Korea signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), but refused inspection of its nuclear sites by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) while nuclear weapons remained in South Korea. It was in this context that the US removed its nuclear stockpile in South Korea in 1991 so that pressure could be mounted on the North to prevent its developing nuclear weapons.

With the collapse of the Soviet Union, the US escalated its nuclear threat against North Korea, whose nuclear crisis began in February 1993when General Lee Butler, head of the US Strategic Command, announced that he was retargeting strategic nuclear weapons meant for the old USSR, on North Korea (among others).Also, CIA chief James Woolsey testified that North Korea was ‘our most grave current concern’ and by mid-March 1993, tens of thousands of US soldiers carried out war games in South Korea which involved B1-B bombers, B-52s and naval vessels carrying cruise missiles. North Korea, in response, pulled out of the NPT.[Bruce Cumings, Korea’s Place in the Sun: A Modern History, W.W. Norton & Co. 2005. pp 488-489 cited in].

In 1994, North Korea signed the US-North Korea Agreed Framework with the United States and under the terms of the 1994 framework, North Korea agreed to freeze and ultimately dismantle its nuclear programme in exchange for full normalisation of political and economic relations with the US. This meant:

  • By 2003, a US-led consortium would build two light-water nuclear reactors in North Korea to compensate for loss of nuclear power.
  • Until then, the US would supply the North with 500,000 tons per year of heavy fuel.
  • The US would lift sanctions, remove North Korea from its list of state sponsors of terrorism, and normalise the political relationship, which was still subject to the terms of the 1953 Korean War armistice.
  • Finally, both sides would provide formal assurances against the threat or use of nuclear weapons.

Despite the testimony to the US Congress in 1998 by officials involved in implementing the agreement with the US and the IAEA agreeing that there had been “no fundamental violation of any aspect of the framework agreement” by North Korea, the US failed to honour its pledges.[Source: Maria Ryan in the Independent,]

In July 2005, following a meeting between the US Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs and North Korean Vice Foreign Minister, North Korea announced its return to the six-party talks (involving North Korea, South Korea, China, Russia, Japan and the US) based on the understanding reached that the US side clarified its official stand to recognize North Korea as a sovereign state, not to invade it and hold bilateral talks within the framework of the six-party talks.

Agreements reached in 2005, like in 1994, bound the US to stop threats against North Korea, act to normalize relations, and plan work on a light-water reactor that would produce fuel but not weapons. But, as pointed out by Noam Chomsky (see ‘What We Say Goes: Conversations on U.S. Power in a Changing World’ by Noam Chomsky and David Barsamian, Metropolitan Books, 2007) diplomacy’s failure lay once again with the US and not North Korea. President Bush broke his light-water reactor promise and launched economic warfare on North Korea. In June 2008 North Korea stated that it had begun to dismantle its nuclear programme and declared that it would turn over all of its plans to the international community. But the six-party talks broke down in 2008 owing to the US insisting that international inspectors be allowed into North Korea with no assurance on its part about escalation of tension in the region. Clearly, the US did not want a negotiated peace in Korea which would mean an end to US military occupation of South Korea.

Complaints about the North Korea’s nuclear tests in 2006, 2009 and 2013 fail to take into account the provocative escalation of US military activity in the region and harassment through economic sanctions. North Korea has learned from history on how to deal with US imperialism. It realizes that the possession of nuclear weapons and ability to deliver them across a long distance comprise its only deterrent against attack by the US. It also realizes that it can rely on neither China nor Russia for its defence against US subversion and aggression.

US Threat to North Korea

The threat posed by the US since the Korean War is multi-faceted. The pretext for the annual South Korea-US joint military exercises― which North Korea accuses are preparations for war ―was until recently the security of South Korea. North Korea has repeatedly offered to freeze its nuclear and missile tests if the exercises are suspended. But the US and South Korea have kept rejecting the offer, claiming that the drills are legitimate defence exercises that have been conducted for decades.

The US maintains an elaborate system of military bases and locations throughout South Korea. Currently 37,000 US troops are stationed at 100 military installations, including four major Air Force bases, two naval bases and a number of US Army camps clustered in several locations. The headquarters base for the US-ROK combined forces, and the 8th US Army, is at Yongsan in downtown Seoul.

The US has escalated its economic war against North Korea by imposing a series of punitive sanctions in the past two decades besides what it pushes through the UN. The theme for the anti North Korea policy of the US has now been shifted with the help of an obliging media network from a threat to South Korea to nuclear threat against the world.

It should be noted that the US, besides using the nuclear threat against several countries, is the only country that launched a nuclear attack on another country. It also used highly radioactive depleted uranium in its war on Iraq and insists on the use of such material in future if necessary. Stubborn refusal by the US not to adopt a no-first-use policy regarding nuclear weapons and the arrogant declaration that it reserves the right to use nuclear weapons first in the case of conflict clearly show that the US is the real threat to the world.

North Korea’s Stand

It is claimed that North Korea refuses to negotiate away its nuclear weapons program. That is untrue. Recently, North Korea’s Deputy Ambassador Kim In-ryong clarified to the UN Secretary General António Guterres that “As long as the US hostile policy and nuclear threat continue, the DPRK, no matter who may say what, will never place its self-defensive nuclear deterrence on the negotiating table”. Thus North Korea only asserts that it will not negotiate away a deterrent until guarantees are there that obviate the need.

The fears of North Korea are based on reality. It was the US that violated the armistice agreement of 1953 which prohibited bringing new weapons into the Korean Peninsula by placing nuclear-tipped missiles in South Korea in 1958 which remained there for 33 years until 1991.

As a country traumatized by the wanton destruction by the US during Korean War, North Korea has been understandably sensitive to threats ranging from US nuclear missiles in South Korea and the clandestine South Korean nuclear weapons program, to explicit threats contained in the “Axis of Evil” declaration by the US and being named a country the US should be prepared to drop a nuclear bomb on. The threat has been kept alive by the US-South Korean military exercises on the North Korean border which include simulation of nuclear attacks on North Korea. Recent threats by President Donald Trump include a military option to destroy North Korea.

It was North Korea that took the initiative to propose denuclearization of the region. In 2014, President Obama rejected a North Korean offer to freeze missile testing if the US freezes its joint military exercises with South Korea. The offer was repeated in 2015 and again rejected.

In January 2017, North Korea offered to sit with the U.S. anytime to discuss US war games and its nuclear and ballistic missile programs. North Korea proposed that the US should contribute to easing tensions in the Korean peninsula by temporarily suspending joint military exercises in South Korea and its vicinity, in which case North Korea will take responsive steps such as temporarily suspending nuclear tests. The proposal was supported by China and Russia and later by South Korea’s new president Moon Jae-in. But the US rebuffed the proposal, refusing equivalence between ‘legitimate’ US-led war games and North Korea’s ‘illegitimate’ missile and nuclear tests.

The point to note is that North Korea, unlike Iraq under Saddam Hussein and Libya under Muammar Gaddafi, has successfully resisted the schemes of the US, which exercises a global dictatorship and claims the right to intervene in any part of the globe, in order that the US has total control over the political and economic affairs of countries.

The International Duty of Left and Progressive Forces

There is tendency among some on the Left to place on par the nuclear weapons programmes of the US and that of North Korea based on a desire for denuclearization. This ignores the context in which North Korea chose to develop nuclear weapons. It will be useful to consider why China chose to develop nuclear weapons in the early 1960’s. Development and possession of nuclear weapons by the US and North Korea differ not only in scale but also in their respective approaches to the use of nuclear weapons and nuclear disarmament.

The central issue concerns the continuing military threat against North Korea by US troops based in South Korea. Withdrawal of US military presence in South Korea is a precondition for peace in the region and for fulfilling the long cherished ambition of the people of the North and the South to reunite Korea as one country.

It is the moral responsibility of all left and progressive forces to defend North Korea against US attempts to subdue and control North Korea by undermining its economy using sanctions as a weapon. Thus there is need for a coordinated campaign demanding that the US stops its economic and military harassment of North Korea and puts an end to all military exercises in Korea and its waters.


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