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ජී එන් සායිබබා වහා නිදහස් කරනු! ස්වීඩනය – ඉන්දියානු සහයෝගිතාවය

ජී එන් සායිබබා වහා නිදහස් කරනු!
ස්වීඩනය – ඉන්දියානු සහයෝගිතාවය


International Days of Actions in Sweden

International Days of Actions in Sweden

From the report by Indien Solidaritet
(unofficial translation)
First, we gathered at the Haymarket at 4 PM. Then we went with the banner and shouting along Queen Street
We stayed outside the embassy, stood there and shouting slogans and distributing leaflets. Someone called the police and said there was 70 people and shouting outside the embassy. The police came and said that they would not do anything unless we shouted “too much”, in that case it  could be counted as public disorder”.