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Defend the rights of Dr. GN Saibaba – By Prof. JOSE MARIA SISON

Defend the rights of Dr. GN Saibaba, demand his immediate release – International League of Peoples’ Struggle

Chairperson, International Coordinating Committee
International League of Peoples’ Struggle



We, the International League of Peoples’ Struggle, resolutely and vigorously support the campaign for the defense and release of Dr. G N Saibaba from prison. We condemn the grave violation of his civil and political rights, especially his right to free speech and his rights against unjust imprisonment, physical and mental torture and cruel and inhumane treatment. We base ourselves on the reports from Indian human rights organizations and we hereunder restate the facts of his case for the purpose of wider dissemination.

GN Saibaba

GN Saibaba

Dr. G N Saibaba was at first abducted on 9th May 2014 from the Delhi University North Campus by the Maharashtra police. Because of his strong principled and vocal opposition to Operation Green Hunt, as a military campaign to oppress and exploit the Adivasis (indigenous people) and to grab their natural resources, he was framed as a Maoist and charged under the vicious UAPA legislation. He was imprisoned in the Nagpur Central Jail for over a year.

Dr. Saibaba was then already 90% disabled and wheel chair bound, unable to walk. He was put in solitary confinement in the notorious anda cell and consequently became afflicted with problems in his spinal cord. These were followed by complications in heart, kidney and gall bladder. His left arm became completely paralyzed owing to gradual muscle atrophy.

The prison authorities acting under the Central Government command were hell bent on killing Saibaba in prison. But a concerted campaign of democratic and human rights activists and associations in India and abroad brought public opinion to bear on the Indian authorities and pressed them to release Dr. Saibaba on bail for medical treatment. The Indian High Court granted Dr. Saibaba three months bail for this purpose on 30 June 2015.

Dr. Saibaba received treatment at various hospitals in Delhi. His application for a permanent bail was rejected by the Nagpur Bench of the Bombay High Court. But upon the recommendation of the doctors treating him, he was able to get his bail period extended by a further three months. Then, on 23 December 2015 a single judge from the same Court ordered Dr. Saibaba to surrender himself to the Nagpur prison within 48 hours. This order ignores Dr. Saibaba’s serious ill health and the previous Court Order that allowed him at least until 31st December 2015 to receive medical treatment.

We fully agree with all the defenders of Dr. Saibaba that the order to put him back in Nagpur jail is a barbaric act by the Indian state, completely unmindful of his grave disability and ill health. As if on a rampage, the same High Court judgement has also ordered proceedings for criminal contempt against highly respected writer and social activist Arundhati Roy for her article, titled ‘Professor, POW’, against GN Saibaba’s unjust imprisonment and violation of his right to free speech. It is criminally absurd that a court engages in a chain of acts against the fundamental freedom of speech that is supposed to be guaranteed by the Indian Constitution.

Having known Dr. Saibaba as a colleague in the ILPS since its founding in 2001, we are proud of his record of standing up and speaking against the neoliberal policy of imperialist globalization and the consequent recurrence of crisis and the escalation of imperialist plunder and war. We are proud of his principled and courageous stand against the Indian government’s pseudo-development programs that are designed to let multinational corporations grab vast areas of land and loot the mineral wealth of the India. Dr. Saibaba has exposed the fact this pseudo-development benefits the exploiting classes at the expense of the Adivasis who lose their homes, land, water and forests.

The Adivasis are driven by the imperialists and the Indian reactionaries to engage in a life and death struggle against the State in order to uphold and defend their ancestral rights and preserve their environment. They are fighting heroically against such military operations as Operation Green Hunt which are unleashed by the reactionary armed forces. Dr. Saibaba has stood for justice in opposing the crimes being committed against the Adivasis. We are outraged that he is made to suffer for speaking out his mind for the cause of justice. We are also indignant that the state is persecuting Arundhati Roy just because she has criticized the Court’s decision to deny Dr. Saibaba permanent bail.

We call on all member-organizations of the International League of Peoples’ Struggle to issue statements and undertake protest actions before Indian embassies and consulates to condemn the unjust acts of the Indian authorities and to demand the permanent bail and immediate release of Dr. G N Saibaba and thus allow him to get the proper medical care and treatment. We must also demand the withdrawal of the false and outrageous charge of contempt against Arundhati Roy for defending Dr. Saibaba’s right to free speech.

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පිලිපීනයේ මහජන යුද්ධය ඉදිරියට

පිලිපීනයේ මහජන යුද්ධය ඉදිරියට

සිකුරාදා උදෑසන පිලිපීන හමුදාවේ 2 වන පාබල බල ඇණියේ සෙබළු, නව මහජන හමුදාවේ බරන්ගේ රෝවිස් හි තාවකාලික කඳවුරක් හරහා කැරැලි-නාශක මුර සංචාරයක් සිදු කළහ. ගරිල්ලා භටයින් ඔවුන්ගේ කඳවුරේ ආරක්ෂාවට IED උපකරණයක් පුපුරුවා හරිමින් රජයේ හමුදාව සමග වෙඩි තබා ගන්නට පටන් ගත්හ. IED ප‍්‍රහාරයෙන් තුවාල ලත් සොල්දාදුවන් හතර දෙනෙකු රෝහල් ගත කෙරුණි.

පිලිපීනය ද මාඕවාදී ගරිල්ලන් සැඟව සිට එල්ල කළ ප‍්‍රහාර දෙකකින් සොල්දාදුවන් හත් දෙනෙකු මිය යයි.

පිලිපීනය ද මාඕවාදී ගරිල්ලන් සැඟව සිට එල්ල කළ ප‍්‍රහාර දෙකකින් සොල්දාදුවන් හත් දෙනෙකු මිය යයි.

Communist rebels march during a meeting between government officials and New People's Army in the mountains of Surigao del Sur, southern Philippines, Tuesday, Jan. 6, 2004. Philippine communist rebels have rejected a government proposal to extend the ceasefire until after May 2004 elections but instead the rebels are demanding fees from political candidates raging from US$1,000 up to $30,000. The New People's Army is fighting the longest communist insurgency in Asia. (AP Photo/Froilan Gallardo)

නව මහජන හමුදාවේ සටන් කරුවන්


දකුණු පිලිපීනයේ සිදුවූ සටන් දෙකක දී සොල්දාදුවන් නව දෙනෙකු මියගොස් තවත් හත් දෙනෙකු තුවාල ලබා ඇත. අඟහරුවාදා දින උදෑසන ඩවාඕ හි නව මහජන හමුදාවේ (NPA) කඳවුරකට ඇතුළ් වීමට උත්සාහ කළ 69 වැනි පාබල අංශය, කඳවුරේක් සිටි ගරිල්ලන් පනස් දෙනෙකුගේ වෙඩි ප‍්‍රහාර වලට ලක් වීමෙන් පළමු ගැටුම හටගෙන තිබුණි. සොල්දාදුවන් හතර දෙනෙකු මිය ගොස් තවත් හත් දෙනෙකු සහ ගරිල්ලා විරෝධී මිලීෂියා භටයෙක් තුවාල ලබා ඇත. දෙවන ගැටුම, උතුරු කැටබටෝ හි අඟහරුවාදා දින හටගත් අතර, යුද භටයන් තිදෙනෙක් මිය ගොස් තවත් අයෙකු තුවාල ලබා ඇත.

Communist Party of the Philippines demands release of two captured leaders

Communist Party of the Philippines demands release of two captured leaders

24 March 2014. A World to Win News Service. On 22 March the Philippine government announced the arrest of two leading members of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), Benito Tiamzon and Wilma Austria, whom it called the party’s Chairman and General Secretary, respectively. The two were reportedly captured along with five other people in central Cebu Province in the Western Visayas islands, an area devastated by Typhon Yolanda (Haiyan) last year. Wilma Austria had been captured once before, in the 1990s, but escaped. The government had set a bounty of 120,000 dollars on Benito Tiamzon’s head.

As the party describes itself, “The CPP was re-established on 16 December, 1968 on the theoretical foundations of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. It is the advanced detachment of the Filipino proletariat leading the new-democratic revolution. The CPP organizes and leads the New People’s Army that wages revolutionary armed struggle in the countryside.”

The CPP and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) demanded that the two be released, stating that the arrest was in violation of a 1995 agreement guaranteeing the safe conduct and free passage of persons advising the NDFP in its peace negotiations with the government under the auspices of Norway. Those talks have been stalled since 2011. So far the Aquino government has rejected the argument that Tiamzon and Austria are entitled to that legal protection from arrest.

U.S. President Barack Obama is due to visit the Philippines in mid-April. These arrests came a week after the CPP denounced the Philippine government of President Benigno Aquino for preparing a treaty, under negotiation for the past several years, to be signed on that occasion. It would allow the U.S. access to Philippine military bases and to set up American facilities within those bases. The CPP said that the Philippine government is already expanding existing camps and bases, especially naval, and setting up new ones. “This agreement is a throwback to the era of U.S. military bases, where thousands of U.S. combat troops, their warships, jet fighters, communication facilities, nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction were stationed within the country, and where the bases were used as launching pads for aggression in defence of U.S. interests,” said the CPP.

The arrest of the two CPP leaders and the preparation of the treaty were linked together as “welcome gifts” for Obama. According to some commentators, the arrests were also meant to counter activities to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the founding of the New People’s Army on 29 March. (See Philippine Revolution Web Central)

Following is a 23 March statement by the CPP:

CPP condemns arrest of senior leaders investigating conditions, overseeing rehabilitation in the Visayas

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) condemns in the strongest terms the reported arrest yesterday of Benito Tiamzon and Wilma Austria. Tiamzon and Austria are both senior cadres of the CPP Central Committee and consultants of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) in peace negotiations with the government of the Republic of the Philippines (GPH).

At the time of their arrest, both Tiamzon and Austria were performing tasks and duties assigned to them by the CPP and the NDFP. Up to recently, both were busy conducting first hand investigation into the conditions of the working class people in the Visayas region whose lives were devastated by supertyphoon Yolanda (Haiyan) and who continue to suffer from the Aquino regime’s antipeople, crony-controlled, corrupt and grossly inept response to the calamity.

Both were closely monitoring the efforts of the New People’s Army (NPA) in carrying out rehabilitation work in devastated regions. They were receiving reports from NPA commands about efforts to mobilize Red fighters to help build communal farms, till the land and mobilize and distribute seeds and other agricultural resources from the NDFP.

Austria, who has been among the country’s stalwarts in upholding and bannering the rights of women, is gravely concerned with the situation of women and children after the calamity, and has been vigorously calling on all revolutionary forces to work hard to expose their sufferings and extend all possible effort to alleviate their conditions. She was utterly indignant at having learned that substantial amounts of relief goods had rotted at the Aquino government’s warehouses while the people of Tacloban continue to suffer from lack of food, shelter and income.

Tiamzon, himself, has been actively looking into the widespread devastation wrought by the storm on the agricultural economy and fishing communities of Eastern Visayas, Cebu, Panay and Negros. He was personally looking into studies estimating the actual damage on agriculture and fisheries to be at P75-80 billion, contrary to the Aquino regime’s grossly understated estimate of P15 billion which help justify the allocation of bigger funds to his crony’s big business infrastructure projects.

As peace consultants of the NDFP, the arrest of Tiamzon and Austria further imperil peace negotiations between the GPH and the NDFP. The CPP condemns the Aquino regime for outrightly violating the Joint Agreement on Safety and Immunity Guarantees (JASIG) in carrying out the arrest and detention of Tiamzon and Austria. They are both publicly known figures in peace negotiations. The NDFP has further identified both Tiamzon and Austria as holders of documents of identification counter-verified by then officials of the GPH.

The CPP condemns the Aquino regime and its armed forces for filing a slew of trumped-up criminal charges against Tiamzon and Austria. The CPP condemns the media campaign being conducted by   Malacanang  [the presidential palace]  and the AFP [Armed forces of the Philippines] to demonize Tiamzon and Austria by depicting them as common criminals.

Such effort by the Aquino regime seeks to draw away attention from the public flak it is getting for its lies, corruption and ineptness, especially at the heels of its monumental failures in addressing the urgent demands of the people of the Visayas devastated by the supertyphoon. The Aquino regime is increasingly isolated from the people because of its contempt and disregard for the socio-economic conditions of millions of workers and peasants who suffer from its wrong economic policies that prioritize the interests of its cronies and its foreign big business bosses.

As leaders of the CPP, Tiamzon and Austria are the opposite of the landlord Aquino and his coterie of corrupt officials. Tiamzon and Austria are the epitome of simple living. Neither of them own a private home nor drive their own sports car. Neither do they play with guns for fun or personal satisfaction. They are not like Aquino and his officials who plunder public funds to aggrandize themselves or perpetuate their political rule.

Despite their age and health conditions, both Tiamzon and Austria continue to travel great distances in the rural areas in order to reach the farthest peasant homes and be among the most downtrodden masses. Unlike Aquino who was totally clueless of the conditions of the people in the path of supertyphoon Yolanda, Tiamzon and Austria were among the peasant masses when the winds ravaged through the Visayas. Unlike Aquino who took four days to act, Tiamzon and Austria immediately mobilized the CPP’s forces to carry out relief work and help in the rehabilitation of the peasant masses who suffered grave devastation of their crops and livelihood.

The CPP demands the immediate release of Tiamzon and Austria, as well as all their companions, and the dropping of all criminal charges against them. The CPP demands that the Aquino regime accord them the right to counsel and medical attention. Austria has severe asthma, and suffers both from a serious kidney ailment and spinal bone degeneration secondary to osteoporosis and is in need of constant medical care.

The CPP, together with the workers, peasants and downtrodden masses and all their revolutionary forces, deplore the arrest of Tiamzon and Austria. Their arrest forms part of the general trend of repression under the Aquino regime. Daily, the landlord Aquino seeks to perpetuate the oppressive and exploitative system by unleashing his attack dogs, armed and supported with U.S. military financing, against the peasant masses and workers, who stand up for their rights and voice their demands.

While the wisdom and guidance of individual leaders is important, the advance of the revolutionary struggle depends more on the collective wisdom, determination and organization of the revolutionary masses. The arrest of Tiamzon and Austria will not stop the main trend of advance of the people’s war.

It is the Aquino regime’s puppetry, corruption, brutality and mendacity that teach the Filipino people about the need to wage revolutionary resistance. They are thus ever determined to advance along the path of widespread mass struggles and revolutionary armed resistance in order to achieve national and social liberation.

21-gun salute – Information Bureau CPP

Information Bureau Communist Party of the Philippines

At high noon on 29 March 2014, NPA commands and units of the people’s militia will give a 21-gun salute to honor all fallen Red commanders and fighters of the NPA, and heroes and martyrs of the Filipino people’s national democratic revolution.

Information Bureau
Communist Party of the Philippines
17 March 2014

21-gun salute for all heroes of the NPA and the people’s democratic revolution

On the occasion of the 45-year milestone of the New People’s Army (NPA), let us give the highest honors to all fallen Red commanders and fighters of the NPA and heroes and martyrs of the Filipino people’s national democratic revolution.

Let us pay tribute as well to all the eminent proletarian revolutionaries who have persisted in four decades of arduous struggle and who continue to help lead and guide the people’s democratic revolution as it set its sights on the next higher phase of the people’s war.

It is with their sacrifices and selflessness that the Filipino people have achieved great victories in waging their national democratic revolutionary struggle. Let us recall and have their names etched forever in the Filipino people’s granite wall memorial which we shall erect at the moment of complete victory of the people’s democratic revolution.

Let us make use of the upcoming 45th anniversary of the NPA’s establishment to celebrate the people’s victories in waging revolutionary armed struggle, carrying out agrarian revolution to smash land monopolies and improve the conditions of the peasant masses, and building the organs of the people’s democratic government from the ground up. Let us prepare to wage bigger struggles as we set our sights to achieving greater victories in the coming years.

Let us also celebrate the outstanding victories in democratic mass struggles achieved by the Filipino people as they carry forward the struggle for national and social liberation. In the past four decades, they have overthrown two reactionary puppet states and are determined to put an end to the current puppet, oppressive, mendacious and corrupt regime.

On 29 March 2014, all regional, subregional and front commands of the NPA and units of the people’s militias under their leadership will fall in formation to parade the flags of the Communist Party of the Philippines, the New People’s Army, the National Democratic Front of the Philippines and the People’s Democratic Government, and subsequently raise them high above the celebration grounds.

At high noon, prior to the general public singing of the Internationale, NPA commands and people’s militia units in formation will give a 21-gun salute. Depending on prevailing military and security conditions, different NPA commands and people’s militias can modify this plan by either extending, abbreviating or rendering an alternative gun salute.

FRDDP-Brazil to CPP

Proletarians of all countries, unite!

To CC of Communist Party of Phillipines

Dear Comrades

This 26th December 2013, the Revolutionary Front of the Defense of People’s Rights-Brazil (FRDDP-Brazil) to send red greetings to the Central Committee of Communist Party of Phlippines/CPP for the celebration of 45 years of your organization. We warmly greet your leaders, cadres and other militants, as well as the masses run and organized by the Party fighting heroically for New Democracy Revolution and the communism. We greet the New People’s Army, commands and red combatants, especially its glorious and unforgettable martyrs. We greet also the National Democratic Front, all masses and national minorities mobilized and organized against imperialism and the local ruling classes.

For decades, persisting on the revolutionary way of people’s war, the CPP became a recognized vanguard of the Philippine proletariat and an advanced detachment of the international proletariat.

With joy, we greet the big victories of the New People’s Army under the firm direction of CPP – which has given proof of heroism and sacrifices, defeating the successive genocidal campaigns, as the current “Oplan Bayanihan”, supported and financed for US – through correct and successives Offensive Tactics; conquering big victories for the people and the revolution and propeling the people’s war according to the goal and plans of CPP to advance to the stage of strategic balance; converting, more and more, the NPA in a poweful People’s Army – spine of the new red power that is growing up with the support of masses.

After 45 years of organization of CPP, the ideas of founders that took on the shining path of Revolution becoming reality with the big victories in the social and national liberation struggles won by the New Democracy Revolution. The People’s War directed by the CPP is one torch that lights the way and propel the national liberation struggles in opressed countries and for opressed masses on the world, converting all the subcontinent in one of the most advanced trenchs of proletarian revolution on the world. Those victories are crowned by the auspicious plan for achieve the strategic balance called upon for the CC of CPP in occasion of 43 birthday of NPA.

The flames launched from the trench of People’s War in Philippines, India, Peru and Turkey are setting fire, more and more, to the heart of youth and masses all over the world. Following those examples, the new generations of international proletariat are struggling to forje the tools of revolution in their own countries. Every achievements are great victories of proletariat which are opening bright prospects for the proletarian revolution on the world.

In 2013, in the biggest cities in Brazil, the Brazilian people rose in great waves of protests. Those big popular rebelions in the cities – with the efforts and hard work of maoists and other Brazilian revolutionaries – have united with the struggle for land that the poor peasants are developing against the landlordism through the Agrarian Revolution and the development of a strong and growing revolutionary movement on the countryside. All those struggles are part of New Democracy Revolution in our country, confronting the old reactionary State of big burgeoise and landlords, servants of imperialism, mainly Iankee imperialism; and against the current oportunist manegement of the parties like PT/PMDB/PSB, and supported by the revisionist PCdoB (Communist Party of Brazil) led by Amazonas/Rabelo, and all the reaction. The maoists and others Brazilian revolutionaries are working hard to pass to a new stage.

The New Democracy Revolution in Philippines and the CPP’s experience are one great source of inspiration for the Brazilian revolutionaries and have showed the masses the path to be follwed in our country to the struggle for social and nacional liberation and the protacted People’s War.

Hold high the flag of CPP in his 45 birthday!

Long Live 45 years of reorganization of CPP!
Long Live 120 years of birthday of Chairman Mao Tsetung!
Down the revisionism! Long Live the Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!
Down the imperialist war! Long Live the People’s War!
Long Live the People’s War in Philippines!

Brazil, 26th December 2013
Revolutionary Front of Defense of People’s Rights