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2015 මාර්තු

2015 March

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Three International Days of action India – report-declaration ICSPWI

Three International Days of action India – report-declaration ICSPWI

The International Committee to support People’s War in India salutes all the initiatives held in different countries of the world for the International Days of action on 29-30-31 January 2015.

We are carefully collecting all these small and wide actions. They are a sign of solidarity of proletarians and peoples with the fighting masses in India, marching to the liberation from imperialism, feudalism and comprador bourgeoisie, along the epic rebellion began in Naxalbari on 1967, which impetuously comes up to the present day.

These actions are a strong exposure of the Brahmanic fascist regime of Modi who proceeds with the anti-proletarian and anti-peoples policies and the third phase of the Operation Green Hunt, with which they try to wipe out the struggles and uprisings of the masses in India, the rights and needs of the adivasi people, all forms of organization of the mass movement, in the universities, in the different states of India, in order to assert in a totalitarian form the interests of the Indian bourgeoisie and imperialism.

In the spirit of proletarian internationalism, activists of political parties, organizations, committees, associations, democrats and human and people’s rights defenders joined their voices and actions to those of the heroic fighters of the Indian people and their brave Maoist vanguard; these fighting masses and vanguard are giving with blood and sacrifice a high contribution to the cause of liberation of the Indian people and the struggle of the exploited and oppressed people in the world.

In these three days everyone gave what he could, from bigger organizations to individual comrades, from Maoist to anti-imperialists and solidarity forces, intellectuals, women and youth.

These three days are just a step in the path taken by the ICSPWI, passing through other International Days; the great International Conference in Hamburg , organized together with the BGIA of Hamburg, in which we saw a wide participation; the International Day in solidarity with the political prisoners on 25 January 2014, with which we exposed India as a “prison-house of people’s movement”, demanding the release of 10 thousand political prisoners in Indian; up to the international meeting in Italy of 27-28 September 2014, in which we celebrated, spread, analyzed, the successes and achievements of the 10 years of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) leading the liberation struggle of the people.

With this activity ICSPWI reached a total of 60 countries over the past years, showing the great potential of the movement in support to the People’s War in India, the existing energies to help the struggle against the Operation Green Hunt and against the more general government state repression in Indian and finally to spread the importance of the struggle of the Indian masses, the People’s War led by CPI(Maoist), to change the balance of power in the world between imperialism and oppressed masses.

Of course , we fully understand that ICSPWI’s battles are just a part of the whole movement of support.

The three Days have a special meaning in this context, they help to articulate the themes of what is, and only not be, a protracted campaign that does not end with these Days but will go on in the coming months and years, reminding the great epics of international solidarity and internationalism, as that against the War in Vietnam, as the campaigns in support of the People’s War in Peru, Nepal, Philippines,etc In a link of solidarity with the other today anti-imperialist campaigns for Palestine or Kobane…

In this sense, among of the initiatives, we point out the importance of the actions took place in Sweden, where a small demonstration at the embassy has highlighted the need to struggle to free Saibaba, Hem, and other intellectuals…persecuted by the Government of India; the actions in Italy, that reached the workers in the North and South of the country, steel factories, yards, sectors of the logistics workers, to explain the role of Indian MNCs, from Mittal to Tata, etc., those who exploit Indian workers, who sponsor and take benefits form the Operation Green Hunt, the deportation of Adivasis. These MNCs are tied to imperialism and on behalf of it are common enemies of and workers in Italy and Europe as well as masses in arms in India. In the same way, the initiative in France is also important, where the campaign has seen the debut of a newly created organization, the Internationalist Red Collective, who joined committees and associations from different cities in France, that re-launched internationalism and strongly announced the will to carry forward a protracted campaign of support.

These novelties in the campaign outlines the track of the work of ICSPWI in the future and all those who are out of it but move and want to move in the same path.

Let us generalize the experience of Sweden with new protests at the embassies, comsulates..!

Le us generalize the experience of Italy, going to the factories to expose and hit the economic and financial interests of Indian MNCs, the MNCs of the imperialist countries that have ties with them, the States and Companies big suppliers of weapons to the Indian regime!

Let us generalize the experience of France, the unity of internationalist and anti-imperialist organizations and committees to support the people’s war in India and defend the political and war prisoners all-around the world, of which more than 10 thousand political prisoners in India are a huge part!

At the same time ICSPWI calls all the militant forces to join its activities.

It is important that the activities are the expression of the action of more parties and organisations and the methods of leadership, discussion and decision are free of hegemonism and inspired by the common cause we want to defend.

Errors and shortcomings in this activity are normal, to overcome them, in the spirit of unity and advancing to the goals, is necessary.

The Committee reiterates that the battle in support of People’s War in India and that against the operation Green Hunt and the suppression of human rights in India are complementary battles.

It is right and necessary that in the struggle against the operation Green Hunt to have a front that goes far beyond the forces that support the people’s war, within and out of ICSPWI.

This is the meaning of our unconditional support to a campaign for an International Delegation to India leading in the heart of the Palaces of the power of the Indian government the exposure and claim to STOP the Operation Green Hunt, STOP all forms of repression and violation of human rights in India.

Finally, ICSPWI feels it needs for the masses and their tactical and strategic perspectives to extend the knowledge of the people’s war, its achievements, the 10th anniversary of the founding of the party that leads it, through the edition of Brochures, Books, translated in the different languages, Report on the people’s War, Papers, Analysis and Essays written by other intellectuals who took side with the people.

We support all those are already engaged in this work, we will cooperate to expand these editions, their circulation, the discussion, also with Seminar on them.


International Committee to Support the People’s War in India
February 2015

කැනේඩියානු සහෝදරවරුන්ගෙන් ඉන්දියාවේ ජනතාවට එදිරිව සිදු කරන යුද්ධයට එරෙහිව…

කැනේඩියානු සහෝදරවරුන්ගෙන් ඉන්දියාවේ ජනතාවට එදිරිව සිදු කරන යුද්ධයට එරෙහිව…

International Days of Actions in Sweden

International Days of Actions in Sweden

From the report by Indien Solidaritet
(unofficial translation)
First, we gathered at the Haymarket at 4 PM. Then we went with the banner and shouting along Queen Street
We stayed outside the embassy, stood there and shouting slogans and distributing leaflets. Someone called the police and said there was 70 people and shouting outside the embassy. The police came and said that they would not do anything unless we shouted “too much”, in that case it  could be counted as public disorder”.

International Days of Actions: 31 January in Italy

International Days of Actions: 31 January in Italy


The International Committee organized the vision of “Chakravyuh”. A broad introduction summarized the two previous days of actions in Palermo, and treated the situation in the Indian subcontinent, the current stage of the People’s War and the Operation Green Hunt, currently focused on the democratic opposition and intellectual who expose the crimes of the Indian regime and the genocide in the name of “fighting terrorism”.
At the end of the movie, another presentation described some aspects recalled by the mocie, as the birth of the CPI (m) decades after the struggle of Naxalbari in 1967 (which gave birth to the Maoist movement in India), the recent treaty with US imperialism and the economic and military cooperation with Israel, the organization of the PRCs as embryo of a new society. Finally, a comrade of the Revolutionary Proletarian Feminist Movement presented the fresh issued pamphlet “Within the People’s War in India, the revolution in the revolution of women” treating the role of women in this great revolution, including an article of the well-known Indian writer Arundathy Roy about the violence of the Indian state against women, particularly against thosewho join the ranks of the Communist Party of India (Maoist ) and People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army. The participation has been marked by a majority of young female students as well as womens workers who have been distributed the pamphlet.

The solidarity and example of Maruti workers in Manesar, who dared challenge the command in the factory and became a “danger for the Indian State and the national economy”,  has been brought to the workers of Same, company that today owns an important plant in Southern India.
Leaflets of the campaign have also distrubuted at the anti-fascist demonstration and among the evicted migrants struggling for the right to a house.


MI31b MI31-2
Agitation amongst the proletarians of the S.Siro Neighborhood, in majority migrants

Leaflets spread at the demo of the movement of house-occupiers. The protester, almost all migrant welcomed with interest and brotherhood the message from Indian proletarians led by Maoists

International Days of Actions in Canada

International Days of Actions in Canada


As part of the international days of action to support the People’s War in India, the Norman Bethune House invites you to a meeting where we will report on what is really happening in the supposed “greatest democracy in the world” where the army and the police did not hesitate to massacre the masses and hunt down activists who dare to show solidarity with the have-account and victims of oppressor State, serving any kind of exploiters.


International Days of Action in the Spanish State

International Days of Action in the Spanish State

The Comité Galego de Apoio a Guerra Popular Na India launched a campaign of propaganda for the International Day called By ICSPWI.
Also the Committee of Anti-fascist Solidarity relaunched the call for three international days of action




International Days of Actions in Germany

International Days of Actions in Germany


In occasion of the International Days of actions – against the fascist Modi’s regime , against Operation Green Hunt, in support of people’s war in India – from 29 to 31 January, On 30/01/2015 at 19:00, an event in  the framework of the SoL café is organized at the Alliance against imperialist Aggression, Hamburg

International day of Actions: 30 January in Italy

International day of Actions: 30 January in Italy

Banner at the Indian Embassy


Meeting of workers, unemployed, temporary workers as parte of the International Days of Actions



29 January – International Day of Actions in Italy

 29 January – International Day of Actions in Italy


The workers of, all from India, are struggling against the firings. This morning, during a protest in front of the Job Office, they reverberated the message of hope of the struggle of workers and peole of India. They said that “from India to Italy the masters are united in the attack on workers bymeans their governments, Modi as Renzi, the Jobs Act in Italy as the reform of labour Laws in India” … “The struggle of the Suzuki workers is not only a struggle for better conditions of work but questioned the issue of the command in the factory, at the centre of which there is the exploitation of workers for profits, the basis of the whole capitalist system. Workers are an international class and represent the only force that can tranform the world, so they have the same goal: to put an end to the system of bourgeoisie”.


At the shift change, a delegation of Indian workers took part at a speech to the workers of Tenaris Steel in Dalmine.
From the statement adoptedby Italian workers: “The struggle for the rights of workers and people, for a job, better conditions of work, freedom, democracy, to topple the power of masters for a power in the hands of workers and people is an international struggle that unites us.

agitation action, with leaflets, posters and banners at “Cantieri Navali” the biggest factory of city




Speech to the workers of Ilva Steel:
– Who is the Mittal Group, the Indian multinational that is going to buy Ilva, once restructured according to the Renzi’s ordenance
– What are the conditions of Indian workers that allow the Indian bosses to gain so huge profits that they can buy Ilva, in the shade of the alliance Renzi-Modi
– Why we have to suport the struggle of Indian workers and the people’s war led by Maoists

Proletarian meeting:
Counter-information against Operation Green Hunt. The support to the people’s war, in the context of the aggression of imperislim on people of the world under the fake banner of the “struggle against trerrorism”.

Revolutionary Proletarian Feminist Movement


Leaflets distributed and posters stuck at the “Sapienza” University