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Three International Days of action India – report-declaration ICSPWI

Three International Days of action India – report-declaration ICSPWI

The International Committee to support People’s War in India salutes all the initiatives held in different countries of the world for the International Days of action on 29-30-31 January 2015.

We are carefully collecting all these small and wide actions. They are a sign of solidarity of proletarians and peoples with the fighting masses in India, marching to the liberation from imperialism, feudalism and comprador bourgeoisie, along the epic rebellion began in Naxalbari on 1967, which impetuously comes up to the present day.

These actions are a strong exposure of the Brahmanic fascist regime of Modi who proceeds with the anti-proletarian and anti-peoples policies and the third phase of the Operation Green Hunt, with which they try to wipe out the struggles and uprisings of the masses in India, the rights and needs of the adivasi people, all forms of organization of the mass movement, in the universities, in the different states of India, in order to assert in a totalitarian form the interests of the Indian bourgeoisie and imperialism.

In the spirit of proletarian internationalism, activists of political parties, organizations, committees, associations, democrats and human and people’s rights defenders joined their voices and actions to those of the heroic fighters of the Indian people and their brave Maoist vanguard; these fighting masses and vanguard are giving with blood and sacrifice a high contribution to the cause of liberation of the Indian people and the struggle of the exploited and oppressed people in the world.

In these three days everyone gave what he could, from bigger organizations to individual comrades, from Maoist to anti-imperialists and solidarity forces, intellectuals, women and youth.

These three days are just a step in the path taken by the ICSPWI, passing through other International Days; the great International Conference in Hamburg , organized together with the BGIA of Hamburg, in which we saw a wide participation; the International Day in solidarity with the political prisoners on 25 January 2014, with which we exposed India as a “prison-house of people’s movement”, demanding the release of 10 thousand political prisoners in Indian; up to the international meeting in Italy of 27-28 September 2014, in which we celebrated, spread, analyzed, the successes and achievements of the 10 years of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) leading the liberation struggle of the people.

With this activity ICSPWI reached a total of 60 countries over the past years, showing the great potential of the movement in support to the People’s War in India, the existing energies to help the struggle against the Operation Green Hunt and against the more general government state repression in Indian and finally to spread the importance of the struggle of the Indian masses, the People’s War led by CPI(Maoist), to change the balance of power in the world between imperialism and oppressed masses.

Of course , we fully understand that ICSPWI’s battles are just a part of the whole movement of support.

The three Days have a special meaning in this context, they help to articulate the themes of what is, and only not be, a protracted campaign that does not end with these Days but will go on in the coming months and years, reminding the great epics of international solidarity and internationalism, as that against the War in Vietnam, as the campaigns in support of the People’s War in Peru, Nepal, Philippines,etc In a link of solidarity with the other today anti-imperialist campaigns for Palestine or Kobane…

In this sense, among of the initiatives, we point out the importance of the actions took place in Sweden, where a small demonstration at the embassy has highlighted the need to struggle to free Saibaba, Hem, and other intellectuals…persecuted by the Government of India; the actions in Italy, that reached the workers in the North and South of the country, steel factories, yards, sectors of the logistics workers, to explain the role of Indian MNCs, from Mittal to Tata, etc., those who exploit Indian workers, who sponsor and take benefits form the Operation Green Hunt, the deportation of Adivasis. These MNCs are tied to imperialism and on behalf of it are common enemies of and workers in Italy and Europe as well as masses in arms in India. In the same way, the initiative in France is also important, where the campaign has seen the debut of a newly created organization, the Internationalist Red Collective, who joined committees and associations from different cities in France, that re-launched internationalism and strongly announced the will to carry forward a protracted campaign of support.

These novelties in the campaign outlines the track of the work of ICSPWI in the future and all those who are out of it but move and want to move in the same path.

Let us generalize the experience of Sweden with new protests at the embassies, comsulates..!

Le us generalize the experience of Italy, going to the factories to expose and hit the economic and financial interests of Indian MNCs, the MNCs of the imperialist countries that have ties with them, the States and Companies big suppliers of weapons to the Indian regime!

Let us generalize the experience of France, the unity of internationalist and anti-imperialist organizations and committees to support the people’s war in India and defend the political and war prisoners all-around the world, of which more than 10 thousand political prisoners in India are a huge part!

At the same time ICSPWI calls all the militant forces to join its activities.

It is important that the activities are the expression of the action of more parties and organisations and the methods of leadership, discussion and decision are free of hegemonism and inspired by the common cause we want to defend.

Errors and shortcomings in this activity are normal, to overcome them, in the spirit of unity and advancing to the goals, is necessary.

The Committee reiterates that the battle in support of People’s War in India and that against the operation Green Hunt and the suppression of human rights in India are complementary battles.

It is right and necessary that in the struggle against the operation Green Hunt to have a front that goes far beyond the forces that support the people’s war, within and out of ICSPWI.

This is the meaning of our unconditional support to a campaign for an International Delegation to India leading in the heart of the Palaces of the power of the Indian government the exposure and claim to STOP the Operation Green Hunt, STOP all forms of repression and violation of human rights in India.

Finally, ICSPWI feels it needs for the masses and their tactical and strategic perspectives to extend the knowledge of the people’s war, its achievements, the 10th anniversary of the founding of the party that leads it, through the edition of Brochures, Books, translated in the different languages, Report on the people’s War, Papers, Analysis and Essays written by other intellectuals who took side with the people.

We support all those are already engaged in this work, we will cooperate to expand these editions, their circulation, the discussion, also with Seminar on them.


International Committee to Support the People’s War in India
February 2015

කැනේඩියානු සහෝදරවරුන්ගෙන් ඉන්දියාවේ ජනතාවට එදිරිව සිදු කරන යුද්ධයට එරෙහිව…

කැනේඩියානු සහෝදරවරුන්ගෙන් ඉන්දියාවේ ජනතාවට එදිරිව සිදු කරන යුද්ධයට එරෙහිව…

TKP/ML TIKKO කොබානි හි කුර්දි ජනතාවට සහයෝගය – එර්ඩොගන් තුර්කි පොලීසිය කාන්තාවක් මරා දමයි- කොබානි නිදහස් වී ඇත නමුත්බොහෝ විනාශයන් පවතී

TKP/ML TIKKO කොබානි හි කුර්දි ජනතාවට සහයෝගය – එර්ඩොගන් තුර්කි පොලීසිය කාන්තාවක් මරා දමයි- කොබානි නිදහස් වී ඇත නමුත්බොහෝ විනාශයන් පවතී

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Strengthen the PCR-RCP Canada! Uphold the Red Flag in Canada! Yawolna Yaifare to PCR-RCP!

Strengthen the PCR-RCP Canada!
Uphold the Red Flag in Canada!
Yawolna Yaifare to PCR-RCP!

Dear Comrades,

We send our warmest revolutionary greetings and heartfelt YAWOLNA YAIFARE (Red Salute) to the PCR-RCP Canada in connection with its 9th anniversary. Maoist Communist Party Manipur is proud to have an opportunity to red salute to all the comrades of Genuine Maoist Party of Canada, PCR-RCP.

Canada is one of the imperialist countries and a member of “Group 8”—imperialist mechanism. It is also the largest imperialist country in terms of territory. Furthermore, Canadian imperialists are considered very close political, economic and military partners of American imperialists. Canadian Imperialist forces- it’s also a part of world biggest reactionary forces NATO, and under its command, has committed a mass murder of civilian population, killed thousands of women, men and children at different Countries. The Revolutionary Communist Party, a vanguard of Proletarian, in such a country is myriad victory for the entire revolutionary and proletarian of the World.

World Proletarian Revolution is inwards a vital period of struggle. Two forces are pitted against each other. On the one hand, the forces fighting for a new world; the revolutionary masses, their heroic struggles, their organizations, with the Maoist parties at the forefront guided by Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, on the other, the forces upholding the old order; reactionary forces; imperialism and its local lackeys, who suck the blood of the masses.

The Communist Party of India (Maoist) has advanced to striving for the day when the red flag of the victorious revolution will be hoisted. The masses in their millions are being mobilized and led into battle, well backed by the new political power in the revolutionary base areas covering nearly thirty per cent of the country. The two Maoist parties, CPI (Maoist) and the CPI (ML) (Naxalbari) have merged, thus strengthening the grounds for further advancing the People’s War already spread over a significant part of the country. This is an important event not only for the Maoist revolutionaries and masses in India or of this region but also for the entire movement. In Bangladesh, the Maoist parties are having difficulties but the possibility of Peoples war is in near future. In various countries of South Asia, the masses are stepping up their struggles against imperialist, globalization, comprador-bureaucratic bourgeois, semi-feudal ruling classes. Oppressed nationalities continue to fight for their right of self-determination in Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Nagaland and Tripura.

The Communist Party of Philippines (CPP) also advancing with tremendous victory and we hope the Victory of Filipino People is not far away. CPP has already a victorious party by winning the heart of the millions of Filipino people. The imperialists, particularly the US imperialists, have been increasing their stranglehold and military involvement in the internal affairs of Philippine. It’s a clear indication of the Victory of CPP. We feel warm to know that the New People’s Army is fighting such reactionary forces with enthusiasm. We are learning from the experience of such heroic struggle and generate courage from such victory of the people’s war around the globe. The growing and advancement of people’s War in India and Philippines have created favourable aspiration of Maoist Parties to fight in their respective countries.

The Revolutionary Communist Party Canada has rich political ideology of communist tradition and Maoist Communist Party Manipur is always learning from the rich knowledge of PCR-RCP Canada. The expansion and development of a revolutionary struggle in Canada led by the PCR-RCP would definitely be a victory of world proletarian movement. The ideological and political contribution of PCR-RCP Canada in the world proletarian Revolution is weighty. PCR-RCP Canada is the revolutionary fraternal party of Maoist Communist Party Manipur and the world proletarian revolution. We the Maoist Communist Party Manipur, the New Peoples Militia, the Revolutionary Mass Organizations and revolutionary people of Manipur, is sending our warmest revolutionary greetings and heartfelt YAWOLNA YAIFARE (Red Salute) to the PCR-RCP Canada in connection with its anniversary.

Long Live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!
Long Live Proletarian Internationalism!
Long Live Revolutionary Communist Party, Canada!
Yawolna Yaifare.

In Struggle,

International Department,
Maoist Communist Party Manipur.

Defence Committee for the Release of Com. Hem & All other Political Prisoners (JNU)

Defence Committee for the Release of Com. Hem & All other Political Prisoners (JNU)


We, the undersigned organizations and individuals, have come together to form a platform, “Defence Committee for the Release of Comrade Hem and All Other Political Prisoners”. The need for such a committee has been felt for a long time, and is more necessary than ever in today’s context when all forms of dissent and protests against the state are being increasingly criminalized. For the JNU student community, this criminalization of dissent has come very close home. Comrade Hem, a former student of this campus has been languishing in Nagpur Central Jail for the past one and a half years now. Contrary to the claims of the police, it has become clear how he had been virtually abducted (three days prior to his official arrest), tortured brutally in custody and has been in solitary confinement for the more than 6 months after he participated in protests inside the jail – details which he has elaborately spoken about in his recent open letter from within the confines of the Nagpur Central Jail. All this while, he has been denied the minimum constitutionally guaranteed rights to which every political prisoner is entitled. The police took over 6 months to even produce a charge sheet against him – thanks to the provisions of the draconian UAPA – and the first time his bail petition was heard was only in September 2014, i.e., almost 13 months after his arrest, where it was rejected by the Aheri Session Court.

As we intensify our campaign for the release of one of our fellow comrades, who fought shoulder to shoulder with us in various struggles, we also realize that his case is not an isolated one. As the ruling classes of the country, especially under the present BJP led NDA government, increasingly align with big capital and feudal forces and intensify oppression manifold on the toiling masses, it is also simultaneously arming itself with a plethora of draconian laws to suppress the resistance of the people. The jails of this country today, from Maharashtra, Jharkand, Chattisgarh, West Bengal, Odisha, are full of dalits, adivasis, muslims and several people’s activists, intellectuals, civil liberties activists, students and teachers who have stood in solidarity with people’s movements and spoken out against state oppression. What has happened with Hem, has in the recent past also happened with prominent civil liberties and political activists like Binayak Sen, Sudhir Dhawale, Abhay Sahoo, Manorma Devi, Jitan Marandi, Arun Ferreira, Vernon Gonzalvez, members of Kabir Kala Manch and so on. The workers of Maruti languishing behind bars face similar fate. In the Dantewada and Bastar districts of Chattisgarh alone, more than 1300 activists of the CPI have been arrested after being branded as Maoists. We were all witness to how a DU professor Dr. G.N. Saibaba was abducted in broad day light by plain clothes policemen of the Maharasthra police and then framed on similar cooked up charges. The same story has repeated itself with a professor in Andhra University in Vizag and now against two well known activists of Kerala – Jaison Cooper and Thushar Sarathy.

We believe that all those who have been jailed, under such draconian laws, for their political ideology or for having participated in people’s movements should, at least, be granted the designation of political prisoners and be given the constitutionally guaranteed rights – including the right to speedy trial and the right to bail. On the contrary, in reality we see the state prolonging incarceration deliberately by not hearing cases, extending incarceration of political activists by not producing witnesses or evidence, etc. They are being kept for months in solitary confinement, so that they cannot associate with others. In the recent past, the state has also resorted to a method of video-conferencing for trials, by which political prisoners are not even produced in courts for hearing. In February this year, thousands of prisoners across jails in Maharasthra, Jharkhand and Odhisa, went on a 9 day long hunger strike (largely unreported by the media) protesting against these practices. We have seen repeatedly how most of those charged under these draconian laws are given bail or acquitted only after years and years of incarceration. All these made clear that these arrests and detentions are extremely political in nature – clearly aimed at keeping political activists away from organizing against the anti-people policies of the state.

Democratic and civil rights organizations and committees have been speaking for the rights of political prisoners. Some of them even providing legal aid to these prisoners. But at a time when there is also an attack on students’ movement, unions and students’ activism in people’s movements outside the campus, in this country and across the world; there is a need for a committee of students to fight these attacks. This is especially imperative since one of our fellow students, Hem continues to face the brunt of the state machineries, be it the police, courts or jail authorities. This committee is a step towards building broad solidarities against state repression against political activism.
The scope of this committee will be taking forward a political campaign inside & outside campus, about the growing clampdown on dissenting voices. In this context, we felt that there should be a committee from the student community in defense of all political prisonersthose arrested for being a part of mass movements that challenge the dominant power structures; individual activists who have been branded and targeted by state machinery under the black laws and also various legal provisions in general. This committee will largely launch political campaign for their rights as political prisoner – right to bail, time bound hearing, in person trials, right to reading material, not to be tortured in custody and other democratic and civil rights. The committee will be composed of left and progressive, political, cultural organizations and individuals. The future course of action will be charted out through transparent and democratic mechanisms.

All India Students Association(AISA), All India Students Federation (AISF), Birsa Ambedkar Students Association (BAPSA), Campus Front of India (CFI), Dastak, Democratic Students Union, IPTA, Jagriti Natya Manch, Janrang, Jan Sanskritik Manch, Krantikari Naujawan Sabha (KNS), Revolutionary Cultural Front (RCF), Students Federation of India (SFI), The New Materialists (TNM), United Dalits Students Forum (UDSF)

Statement by the Committee for the Release of Political Prisoners (CRPP) – 31 January 2015

Statement by the Committee for the Release of Political Prisoners (CRPP) – 31 January 2015



Friday, the 30th January turned out to be a day when the Kerala state machinery and its lawless police brazenly demonstrated yet again that they can’t for once uphold the law of the land while dealing with political dissent of any nature. If post-1947 India have demonstrated that successive governments at the centre or the states used its police and the state machinery for targeting political rivals from different political combinations of the day, it is incriminating to note that all the governments that occupied power throughout the last 68 years have been unequivocal in maintaining the state of permanent emergency for tackling political dissent of the people!

On the 30 January 2015, the Kerala police and the special branch arrested Jaison Cooper in Ernakulam from his work place and Adv. Thushar Nirmal Sarathy from Calicut while he was addressing the press about a protest programme to be held there the following day against the increasing violations of the fundamental rights of the people in the state. At the same time, the police raided the residences of Thushar Sarathy, Advocate Manuel Joseph who is a people’s activist, Ms. Jolly Chirayath, convener of the Women’s Collective, and a artist activist. From the residence of Thushar Sarathy the police took away several case files without even bothering to record the list of the ‘seizures’ that they have done. Even the search was conducted without any warrant being shown to the custodians of the residences. As increasing instances of impunity have become the hallmark of the police and investigating agencies in the Indian subcontinent with the Kerala police refusing to be different, one can only foresee a motivated police out to incriminate, frame, those who are critically looking at the policies of the government. For the police, the fundamental freedoms enshrined in the constitution of the largest democracy seemed to, for every practical purpose, remain in permanent suspension, all in the name of ‘national interest’, ‘national security’ and last but not the least, that weapon of mass destruction—‘development’.

The preparations for the vilification and then framing of civil rights activists, public intellectuals and people’s activists had been laid well in advance in Kerala with a so-called ‘look out’ notice issued purportedly by the police with photographs of most of the prominent civil rights activists and people’s activists published in it. Adv. Thushar Sarathy’s name was also there along with other prominent civil libertarians from the state who were alleged to be working for or in the interest of a proscribed organization the CPI (Maoist). When there was a public outcry against this as a deliberate attempt on the side of the state to clamp down on people’s movements, the police and the administration including the home ministry went on a defensive mode neither denying nor accepting the veracity of such a notice.

But by then the media vilification of such activists had already begun making the grounds ready for the witch hunt. That this is nothing less than a witch hunt of those standing in favour of the poorest, deprived and discriminated majority is evident from the statements of the police officials as they make heavy weather of the literature ‘seized’ from the residence of Thushar. The most fascist way of incriminating someone is for his/her thoughts and the Kerala police make no bones about the fact that Thushar uses the literature to spread the ideas of the CPI (Maoist) which is a proscribed organization. Needless to say that Adv. Thushar Sarathy has been charged under Sections 10 and 13 of the draconian Unlawful Activities Prevention Act while Jaison Cooper has been put under Section 13b of the same. It is being reported that Jaison Cooper has been put in police custody for the next 6 days.

That Thushar has been quite vocal about the rights of the labourers, adivasis, Muslims and other deprived and discriminated sections makes him the most sought after target as this government in Kerala or for that matter the Narendra Modi led government in Delhi are one when it comes to turning their back against the interests of the people. Apart from being the secretary of the Kerala chapter of CRPP he is also the secretary of the Janakiya Manushyavakasha Prasthanam (People’s Human Rights Forum). Jaison Cooper is a prominent blogger and also a people’s activist who has been vocal about the rights of the people. Civil rights activists being the conscience of the society as they mirror in their acts of solidarities the anguish and concerns of the vast sections of the masses that has to be silenced at any cost for the powers that be in their forward march to open up the resources and wealth of the people in the interests of private capital.

Development in the age of globalization, liberalization and privatization has become a question of ‘national interest’ though it is increasingly becoming clear that this is nothing but interests of the big corporations—domestic and international. Development has become a question of law and order. Those who talk against this model of development are anti-nationals. And hence are a subject of law and order. That many of the issues raised by Adv. Thushar and Jaison are also questions to safeguard the rights guaranteed in the constitution of India doesn’t matter as long as they come against the interests of private capital—domestic and international.

It is important that all democratically inclined people of the subcontinent raise their voice against the penalization of dissent and aspirations of the people. It is important that we all join hands and demand the immediate and unconditional release of Jaison Cooper and Thushar Nirmal Sarathy here and now! We need to be in vigil to safeguard the rights of the incarcerated to be not tortured or their right to silence be not violated as the police will force confessions on them. We need to condemn the brazen attitude of the state which brutalizes the lives of people’s activists by subjecting them to the inhuman treatment of laying siege to their places of stay under the garb of search without even a search warrant. We should demand stringent action against such police officials who are always ready to throttle the basic rights of the people all in the name of security.

In Solidarity, SAR Geelani– President, Amit Bhattacharyya–Secretary General, Sukhendu Bhattacharjee–Vice President
Sujato Bhadra- Vice President, MN Ravunni– Vice President, PA Sebastian—Vice President, Prof. P Koya–Vice President, Rona Wilson –Secretary, Public Relations

International Days of Actions in Sweden

International Days of Actions in Sweden

From the report by Indien Solidaritet
(unofficial translation)
First, we gathered at the Haymarket at 4 PM. Then we went with the banner and shouting along Queen Street
We stayed outside the embassy, stood there and shouting slogans and distributing leaflets. Someone called the police and said there was 70 people and shouting outside the embassy. The police came and said that they would not do anything unless we shouted “too much”, in that case it  could be counted as public disorder”.

International Days of Actions: 31 January in Italy

International Days of Actions: 31 January in Italy


The International Committee organized the vision of “Chakravyuh”. A broad introduction summarized the two previous days of actions in Palermo, and treated the situation in the Indian subcontinent, the current stage of the People’s War and the Operation Green Hunt, currently focused on the democratic opposition and intellectual who expose the crimes of the Indian regime and the genocide in the name of “fighting terrorism”.
At the end of the movie, another presentation described some aspects recalled by the mocie, as the birth of the CPI (m) decades after the struggle of Naxalbari in 1967 (which gave birth to the Maoist movement in India), the recent treaty with US imperialism and the economic and military cooperation with Israel, the organization of the PRCs as embryo of a new society. Finally, a comrade of the Revolutionary Proletarian Feminist Movement presented the fresh issued pamphlet “Within the People’s War in India, the revolution in the revolution of women” treating the role of women in this great revolution, including an article of the well-known Indian writer Arundathy Roy about the violence of the Indian state against women, particularly against thosewho join the ranks of the Communist Party of India (Maoist ) and People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army. The participation has been marked by a majority of young female students as well as womens workers who have been distributed the pamphlet.

The solidarity and example of Maruti workers in Manesar, who dared challenge the command in the factory and became a “danger for the Indian State and the national economy”,  has been brought to the workers of Same, company that today owns an important plant in Southern India.
Leaflets of the campaign have also distrubuted at the anti-fascist demonstration and among the evicted migrants struggling for the right to a house.


MI31b MI31-2
Agitation amongst the proletarians of the S.Siro Neighborhood, in majority migrants

Leaflets spread at the demo of the movement of house-occupiers. The protester, almost all migrant welcomed with interest and brotherhood the message from Indian proletarians led by Maoists

International Days of Actions in Canada

International Days of Actions in Canada


As part of the international days of action to support the People’s War in India, the Norman Bethune House invites you to a meeting where we will report on what is really happening in the supposed “greatest democracy in the world” where the army and the police did not hesitate to massacre the masses and hunt down activists who dare to show solidarity with the have-account and victims of oppressor State, serving any kind of exploiters.


International Days of Action in the Spanish State

International Days of Action in the Spanish State

The Comité Galego de Apoio a Guerra Popular Na India launched a campaign of propaganda for the International Day called By ICSPWI.
Also the Committee of Anti-fascist Solidarity relaunched the call for three international days of action