Little About LiberationBase and MRL.

LiberationBase is published by Maoist Revolutionary League (MRL) in Sri Lanka. MRL is a organization with goal of build the powerful genuine communist party to carry on the task of the international proletariat. Ideology of the MRL is Marxism Leninism Maoism. This is a web journal to publish political, theoretical, ideological and information article in both Sinhalese and English. We are working to aware the people and popularizing revolutionary ideas and support to peoples war in the worlds and work to organizing the genuine revolutionaries. 

MRL strongly support to struggle against all type of revisionist ideas include new type of revisionism such as Avakianism and Fake Maoist path of Prachanda-Battarai clique which harmful for proletariat internationalism and weaken the revolutionary process.

We hope to add selected writing of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Mao in sinhalese language in this site and currently they are processing. it may be good influence for genuine revolutionaries and progressive peoples, students and youths in Sri Lanka. because there are only very little space to get known MLM ideology. 

All oppressed peoples, Progressives, intellectuals, radical and revolutionary peoples, women and youths Unite under the banner of Maosim!

Long Live Marxism Leninism Maoism!

Long Live World Socialist Revolution!


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  1. What about “Trotsky”?

    • Read these quotes carefully…
      And study yourself using Marx, Engels, Mao and Trotskyism writing and influence on founding theory of Marxism and check it whether Trotskyism is adhere to Marxist dialectical principal or not. It will more prefer to base on someone’s word or ideas.
      Basically Trotskyism believe major strategy on revolution, it should be emerge in whole world so called unstoppable revolution and do not believe in socialism in single country. Many times it oppose to Leninism ideas like that state existence of socialism economic era and feudal state transferring into socialist state via new democratic revolution. Therefore, it has not clear idea on socialist state.
      In addition, contradiction in society never equal in anywhere you know it well even in among university students have many contradictions. Their class aspiration and consciousness not equal for many groups, years. To launch non-stoppable revolution it is necessary higher developed contradictions and consciousness around the world. However, it never achieved practically. Some countries imperialist while some are capitalist and oppressed. Therefore, that concept is metaphysics and not adhere dialectic science. So revolutionaries have to engage revolution in single countries but unity and aid with international proletariats under that aim of world proletariat socialist revolution.
      Also in Trotskyism cannot clearly identify what is state and relations of classes with state and what are the apparatus of the state. The things like art and educations also apparatus of its endemic state. They serve for their class interest. In capitalist society these things serve for them and socialist society, they serve for proletariat class interest. However, Trotsky suggest for independent nature of this things. It allowed to re establish of capitalism and cannot advance socialism rapidly.
      Until today, there are not any countries or region state power take-up by Trotskyism led struggle. Still it cannot be applied as practical method. In addition to they engage peaceful parliamentary election process and trade unionist activities for take up power. However, after another thousand of years using such a method will not allow grabbing the state power. It is myth that believes the capitalist class and powerful globalized network of imperialism will allow establishing socialist state via peaceful manner or just parliamentary election. Capitalist will never handover the state power to proletariats in peaceful way.
      I think this clarification is enough. I think you are based on Trotskyism. Never mind it. if you want to really be a revolutionary or fight on behalf of the oppressed people all over the world until last victory you should study and grab the Marxist science very correctly and learn its many thesis and theories carefully with contradiction in your mind. Their class-consciousness is very powerful weapon for the proletariats. Because there is no any practice without correct scientific theory.
      Today the Marxism developed as three stages. Marxism – make classical Marxist theory and foundation of the proletariat vision and its historical scientific process. Leninism it develop further drastically and solved many of problems related to revolution and state power. Maoism gives highly advance perfect military science to proletariat and Mao solved many problems in socialist revolution. He identifies the method also prevent the capitalist restoration within socialist country (but later leaders of CP wouldn’t to use it and china become capitalist country).
      Natural science also developing in many phases. Newtonian physics, quantum physics for electronics and nano technology ect. If anyone will not accept the higher scientific theory like nano or quantum, generally he departure from sciencetific method. Similarly, Marxism is a science, when neglecting its higher developments he becomes generally as a revisionist.
      So dear najith you have to study yourselves inspecting writing of related theories.
      Lal Salam!

  2. Are you going to publish English issues of Red Flag, organ of Ceylon Communist Party which published in Colombo? An example cover can be seen in Marxists (https://www.marxists.org/history/erol/sri-lanka/red-flag.jpg). In ’70’s there was some translations (mostly news about Ceylon) from CCP press but there isn’t any collection of .pdf’s in anywhere in internet. It would be so good for us to obtaining them. Also, some of articles by Shanmugathasan translated into Turkish recently (by a revolutionary friend), if there can a collection of scans of Red Flag, I’m sure he will be interested with it.

    Communist greetings.



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