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support to Naxalbarai No:4 against avakianism

support to Naxalbarai No:4 against avakianism

Naxalbari No: 4

Naxalbari No: 4

Download Naxalbary NO:4;  PDF (English) (980KB)

Download Against Avakianism; PDF (English) (893KB)

declaration of Itali Maoist

PCm Italy supports the text ‘ against avakianism’ of CP (ML) Naxalbari and
calls all mlm parties and organisations -in the ex-RIM and out of the RIM –
to support this text as one of the texts in preparation, towards
International Seminar and International Conference of all mlm parties and
organisations that Special Meeting of some MLM Parties and organizations of
the RIM with a Final Document and Call have proposed for the nexts months

PCm Italy
12 july 2013