Protest against police murders of Sruthi and Sagar in Hyderabad and Chalo Assembly in Telangana

Protest against police murders of Sruthi and Sagar in Hyderabad and Chalo Assembly in Telangana


“Comrade Shruthi who was killed in alleged encounter on 16th September was captured alive & tortured brutally. Her elbow was twisted 180 degrees and torn apart by binette, police poured acid on her stomach, she was raped by the police and finally killed her in point blank range.“-Statement circulated by democratic activists on social media
Protest against police murders of Sruthi and Sagar in Hyderabad-Signalfire.






TDF to organise ‘Chalo Assembly’




A total of 370 organisations in Telangana, including 10 left parties, have come together under the banner of the Telangana Democratic Forum (TDF), to condemn the killings of Maoists Shruthi and Vidyasagar in what is claimed to be an “encounter” by the police, near Medaram of Warangal district. Describing them as gruesome murders by State, representatives of various political and social organisations demanded enquiry by a sitting judge into the killings, and cases filed under Nirbhaya Act on the perpetrators.
A ‘Chalo Assembly’ will be organised by TDF on September 30 protesting the twin murders, they said. Apart from the political left, the Forum includes many organisations which had actively participated in the movement for separate Telangana, such as Telangana Advocates’ JAC, Telangana Vidyavanthula Vedika, Telangana Journalists’ Union, OU JAC, All Mala Students’ Association, Telangana Vidyut JAC, and others. It also includes individuals and intellectuals from Telangana such as Kodandram and Haragopal. Addressing the media, CPI state secretary Chada Venkat Reddy said there is no democratic representation in Telangana State, as people’s organisations are subjected to State harassment.

Virasam leader Varavara Rao said the State has dug its own grave by resorting to the killings. CPI(M) State Secretary Tammineni Veerabhadram said that the government has reached a stage where it cannot tolerate criticism. Educationist Chukka Ramaiah said government should order judicial probe.







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