Message from MRL Sri Lanka to PCAfghanistan maoist on the occasion of the death of Com. Aziz

Message from MRL Sri Lanka to PCAfghanistan maoist on the occasion of the death of Com. Aziz

Dear comrades,

We, the maoist revolutionary League one of the maost group of Sri Lanka share your deep condolence on behalf of the death of comrade Aziz. Revolutionary communist in the whole world are engaging in unstopable for liberation of the whole world. Comrade aziz is a one of the militant in that great struggle. He is a comrade who impelemnted “Serve to people” slogan in his revolutionary life. He serve to Communist movement in afghanisthan and in the world by fighting against rightist tendencies and reactionaries and also giving his best effort to build up revolutionary movement in afghanistan.

We pay our condolence to centrel commitee of the Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan, and its all the cadres, supporters and family members of com. Aziz.

The international proletarian revolutionaries will pay homage to Comrade Aziz by carring out responsibilities in the world wide revolutinary struggle and sooner or later they will win dream of com. Aziz of world socialist revolution.

Lal Salam Com. Aziz!!!

Long Live Proletariet internationalism!

Long Live Marxism Leninism Maoism!

Com. Parakrama Veerasuriya
Maoist Revolutionary League
Sri Lanka

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