PCm Italy- To the CPP

To the Communist Party of Philippines

Dear comrades,
our party greets the anniversary of the founding chairman of Communist Party of the Philippines, Prof. Jose Maria Sison, and his 55 years-long service to the Filipino people in the struggle for national and social liberation against imperialism and reaction.
This anniversary occurs while a large part of the Filipino people still suffer the consequences of the typhoon Hayan (also known as Yolanda) that devastated the country in 8th of November of the past year, and, even in these terrible hours, the Aquino government does not stop militarizing the countryside across the country to target members and fighters of the Communist Party of the Philippines and people involved in local people’s governments through the operation “Oplan Bayanihan” (a real war on people) backed by imperialists.
Our party has redoubled the efforts to support the dignity of a conscious people struggling to get rid of parasites at national and international level, exposing the interventionism of Aquino’s government and imperialism against its own population and bringing to the proletariat of the imperialist countries and around the world the truth and voice of the Filipino people and the Communist Party.
At international level, the devastations of imperialist globalisation, wars of aggression and the devastating economic crisis of the imperialist system and its impact on proletarians and the broad masses have awakened worldwide a wave of struggles and revolts.
In this context a potential new wave of the world proletarian revolution develops and emerges, with the people’s wars led by Maoist parties as its reference points and strategic anchor.
The realisation of this potential ultimately depends on how successful the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist parties are in fulfilling their revolutionary tasks at national and international level.
For this, we need an effective international MLM organization that can aid the fulfilment of revolutionary tasks and take the collective voice of the Maoists to the proletariat and struggling peoples.

Therefore, comrades, in this anniversary we reiterate our commitment to persist in the support and struggle with your people and the Party and are confident to find you on our side in the struggle for a new and stronger unity and organization of the Maoists in the world.


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